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Hi I am Martin from GlobalTraveler.TV Today, I am for you in Ibiza. in the old town there are countless tourist attractions. And of course, restaurants. Today I’ll show you my secret. In winding alleys Surrounded by many small streets, I discovered a small restaurant. It is not far from the harbor. Where you can find it exactly look in the video description and on our website http://GlobalTraveler.TV And please Thumbs up on YouTube for this video now, thank you! We have arrived, here is the “Los Pasajeros”. Surrounded by many restaurants you can find my secret after 12 years Ibiza. And if you come after 8 pm the locals are here queue, so come to get earlier for a place. We have now reached the top of the “Los Pasajeros”. You’ll find a small menu and each main course you can choose rice, mashed potatoes, salad or fries. Everyone can thus choose what he would like. Let’s enjoy what’s here! The starter has just arrived. Aubergine Parmesan. Enjoy I times. Absolutely fantastic! Amazing taste! Definitely every evening. Los Pasajeros! What’s really cool. If you are lucky, you can sit on the balcony. For two, three and maybe four. Maybe a little tight, but possible! But u have to arrive early after opening! The main course is there, I have a go. I like to eat mashed potatoes already with my mother, so again here. That could make my mother hardly better. I have Chicken Kebab with Curry Sauce and very fine meat. Let’s try it Wonderful! An absolute dream, very tender meat. A very tasty sauce A curry sauce with a little cream, just right for the calorie-conscious diet 🙂 Martin has already presented two dishes, so many are not on the map. Maybe we will some in the video. I have chicken in orange sauce. I have eaten there more often, here in Los Pasajeros Ibiza. Let’s see how it is this time. A very delicate taste of orange …. Let’s try again Very delicate taste of orange… Fits perfectly well with this chicken here. That’s why we go almost every day here and as Martin said before over 12 years. Now I’m even think about and introduce you to my court. I have a grilled leg of lamb in red wine sauce. I had this dish two days ago and am mega excited. Therefore also the second time now. I will try it now… I suppose it’s been scorched in the oven. The red wine sauce looks for gravy. But… Absolutely fantastic…. The sauce slightly creamy as I like it. long cooked the meat, it disintegrates already formally. And the fresh salad, tasty! On a nice evening! Thanks for watching! That was my secret here in Ibiza, near the port. Not far from the cathedral. So I really enjoyed it. Maybe we sit one or another time next to each other. A recommendation made by me just ask. I will recommend u something here to eat! Please thumbs up on YouTube for my video. Don’t forget so subscribe to our channel, it’s free and you will never miss a video from us! Please leave a comment how you like the Los Pasajeros! Where you find it: http://GlobalTraveler.TV Bye for now! Your Martin!

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