Mutton Biryani Recipe | Hyderabadi Restaurant Style Mutton Dum Biryani-Pakki Akhni Ki Mutton Biryani

MUTTON BIRYANI Before that I would like to share some inspirational proverbs SUBSCRIBE IF U LIKE MY VIDEO LIKE AND COMMENT Lets soak the rice Wash the rice Basmati rice – 750 gram Add water so that your complete finger gets immersed in it Soak it for 1 hour Mutton – 750 gram Lets start its marination Yogurt – 200 gram Red chilli powder – 1 and half teaspoon Turmeric – 1/2 teaspoon Garam masala powder – 1 teaspoon Link for homemade garam masala powder is in the description box Coriander powder – 1 teaspoon Cumin powder – 1/2 teaspoon Black pepper powder – 1/2 teaspoon Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon Salt – 1 1/2 teaspoon Ginger garlic paste – 2 tablespoon Mix them well Refrigerate for 1 hour Heat oil – 250 ml Cardamom – 4 Star anise – 1 Cloves – 6 Black cardamom – 1 Cinnamon sticks – 3 Fry for 10 seconds Onions – 3 Fry till golden brown Add ginger garlic paste – 3 tablespoon Add the marinated mutton pieces Cook under high flame Close lid and cook till mutton is tender Mutton is tender now Add coriander , mint leaves and green chillies – 5 Cook till water dries Mutton gravy is ready Now lets learn how to cook rice Boil water Add salt – 3 teaspoon Oil – 1 tablespoon Coriander and mint leaves Caraway seeds – 1/2 teaspoon Bay Leaves – 3 Water is boiling , now add soaked rice Mix well and cook till 80% done Rice is cooked Strain water Make layers Place first layer of rice Add coriander and mint leaves Fried onion Place the layer of mutton gravy Place second layer of rice Add fried onions Coriander and mint leaves Saffron milk Red food colour Place mutton gravy layer Add roasted cashewnuts Last layer of rice Add clarified butter Saffron milk Red food colour Coriander and mint leaves Fried onions Fried cashews Close lid If you have an old pan Place biryani utensil on it Dum biryani on tawa PLACE UNDER HIGH FLAME FOR 5 MINUTES THEN LOWER IT AND COOK FOR 30 MINUTES I.E DUM After 30 minutes Mutton biryani is ready Try it out Hyderabadi pakki akhni ki mutton dum biryani is ready SUBSCRIBE – so that I can post more LIKE N COMMENT Thanks for watching

  1. naseem akhtar

    وعلیکم السلام ورحمت اللہ وبركاته
    بہت ہی عمدہ لزیز اور بہت ہی ٹےشٹی ماشاءاللہ

  2. Seema Amaan

    Very good recipi….. how u can dislik this recipi people???? If u dont lik it leave it… dont hit d dislik button… its not good….

  3. DjGuruJi शीवंश

    Mashallah didi… you made our lives much easier with this process of preparing meat before making DUM, instead of keeping raw meat for dum…

  4. Shalem Raj

    Dear lady,
    I should very thank full to u for this biriyani recipe..
    I am from hyderabad but but staying in west bengal since 10 months…
    Yesterday i did this by following your recipe with 1.5kg of mutton and india gate basumati rice…
    No word to say to you.
    But thank you very much

  5. Imran Mohamed

    i would like to thank you alot for this recipe i attempted making biryani following old recipes from my elders but more than 4 times my biryani failed until i came across your recipes ! this hyderabadi mutton biryani was too good and came out wonderful i followed all the exact same measurements and it was a success perfect recipe and perfect measures ! thank you once again may allah make your cooking more delicious and give loads of success to your channel ameen !

  6. Simmy Aayat

    Aapa ek sawal pan me phle chawal ka dal kr dum lagane se niche pan me chawal lgega nhi reply zarur kijiyega jazakallahu-khair…

  7. YAsir Akram

    Aj main na apko fallow kia completely ap yakin mana bhot terf hoi apki biriyni ki bhot testy bani hai phr se kal families ne bolay k hai again banao so good mam Allah apko traki dain ameen ✔️🖤

  8. ا أبو عبدالرحمن

    Wa Alyikum Salam Wa Rahamu-Aallhi Wa barakatuhu… MASHAALLAAH SO NICE COOKING,, YOUR BROTHER FROM SAUDI ARABIA.. 🌹🌹

  9. Umme saniya

    Assalamualikum Didi today I made this Hyderabadi mutton dum Biryani it is very tasty superb in my house everyone loved it thanks Di 😍

  10. Golden Ferns

    Assalamalikum. Bohot hi mazedar aur khoobsurat. Meri sabse favourite biryani mein se ek. Aise hi share karte rahiyega. May allah bless you

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