Now Serving Omaha – Shirley’s Diner (webisode #54)

We bought the restaurant from Shirley
and Jim we went to buy a sign D&D diner Doug and Denise diner it was
$18,000 so I decided to change my name to Shirley we’re dougie Denise Fackler and welcome
to Shirley’s diner the atmosphere when we got it was a kind of a memorabilia
50s foods always been great a lot of food great value this is home cooking
it’s good like grandma made we do as much stuff from scratch as we can we
have peeled potatoes we don’t use any kind of box potatoes very few items come
through the back door that are already prepared you can get a breakfast and
lunch all day and take it into the evenings one of our top dishes is
chicken-fried steak you can have it as a breakfast or as a dinner with mashed
potatoes and gravy sausage gravy one of our most impressive is the the our
breakfast burrito we use a 12-inch tortilla so it’s going to take up a lot
of room but the meats are bacon and sausage and there’s eggs and Monterey
Jack cheese and ramie other kind of cheese whatever we can put in there and
then it’s rolled and it’s covered with a case of fresco another thing that we
sell that’s a big seller here is the barbecue slaw burger
it’s got coleslaw and then fried onions and bacon on top of that it’s really
good we don’t let him get out of the building without making sure that they
get the full treatment

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