One night in a Japanese luxury capsule hotel in Tokyo

Hi everybody, it’s actually super late right now and I am trying to be quiet to not wake anyone else up But it’s time for me to go to sleep and I thought before going to bed I will show you what you get in the amenities bad So when you check in you actually get a bag full of things you that might need during your stay and it looks like this So it’s a bag full of really really useful things! In the main compartment you get two towels You get a small face towel And a large bath towel in case you want to have a shower and I am definitely having a shower tomorrow morning, because the showers here are spotless, they look amazing! so I cannot wait for that! At the bottom you get a smaller bag which looks like this and inside the bag you get a little cotton set so cotton buds and cotton pads. You also get a little packet of tissues and you also get a toothbrush and a toothpaste So if you have forgotten your toothbrush or your toothpaste, do not worry, they have you covered! You can also rent pyjamas, an iron and a few other things, in case you need them during your stay, which is really really useful! And finally in the front compartment you get some slippers! And I actually really like these slippers, they look kind of floppy and flimsy but I think they are super comfortable, they always remind me of like a spa or something. So I really really like these. So it’s time for me to go to bed now, and I will see you guys tomorrow morning during breakfast. I am going to watch some… probably YouTube or cat videos or something on the projector behind me. And I’ll see you tomorrow, so Goodnight!

  1. Andreas Neophytou

    Awesome hotel! And also, your eye colour matches perfectly with your hair colour! 🙂 Looking forward for your next vid Marianna! 👏

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  3. jos trup

    and a luxury toalet too , free beer for 1 hour , then , hurry , hurry and about one night in this luxury capsule hotel , the price for one night ?

  4. robinmayfair

    Hi! We're going to Tokyo next week. Thanks for your video!

    Three quick questions:
    1. Do you use a gimbal for your videos? The turns etc look really smooth.
    2. How were the noise levels for your stay?
    3. How big were those lockers? Traveling as a filmmaker.

    Thanks a lot!

  5. greggman

    The place is complete rip off. The whole point of going to a capsule is it's cheap but there are 100s of hotels cheaper than The Millennials. Toyoko Inn for example which has like 60 locations is usually around 7000 yen, $40+ cheaper a night than The Millennials and you get a normal private room. You can stay at the Unizo for the same price as The Millennials and they're literally a block from each other yet Unizo is a hotel with rooms where you know, you can have some privacy and make a little noise.

  6. Joe Finberg

    Is there a lockable door to the individual rooms? I'm interested in staying here, but I'd want to be able to you know. Leave my backpack in my room when I venture out.

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