Onion Uttapam recipe in hindi step by step | उत्तपम | Onion Uttapam | Uttapam Recipe in hindi

Welcome to swayam’s yummy food. Today’s recipe is Onion Uttapam. Uttapam is a famous south indian breakfast. You can make in different variety. Today we are going to prepare onion uttapam. This is very easy and quick breakfast ,which can be packed in kid’s tiffin box. Friends if you have some recipes to share with others, then suggest me in my video comments I will make the video with your credit and include them in my channel. Ingredients : (For 10 to 12 uttapam) 1 small bowl dosa dal / Urad dal. 1 small bowl raw rice/ non boiled rice. Chopped onion. Chopped Tomato. Chopped Coriander leaves. Chopped green chilli. Mustard Seed. Let’s start preparing uttapam. First mix Urad Dal and Raw rice in a bowl. Clean with water. Then add 4 to 5 glass of water to soak and leave it for 8 to 9 hours. Now 8 hrs over, see the urad dal and rice soaked properly. Now make a fine paste of it. Do not add too much water during making paste. Now keep it for another 7 to 8 hours for fermentation. Let’s start making uttapam. See the batter is fermented properly and other ingredients are ready. We will mix the batter properly, so that the air insight it will remove. Now take 4 spoon of batter and will make Uttapam, rest we can store in fridge. Add 1 small spoon of salt in this. Add chopped onion, tomato , coriander and green chilli. Now mix them properly. This batter is little thick. So we will add little water and make it thin. We should keep the consistency this much only. Now we will add tadka to batter, which will increase the taste of uttapam. Add 1 spoon of oil to tadka pan. After oil is hot, add 1 spoon mustard seed and 2 spoon of urad dal. After few seconds, the dal will become golden brown in color. This time add this tadka to batter. and mix well Take little bit oil in a pan. After oil is hot, at this batter mix to pan. spread this batter little bit. Keep the gas flame medium. Cover with a lid and Cook this for 3 to 4 mins. Now 4 mins over and flip the uttapam. Now on do not put lid and cook for more 3 mins. This Uttapam is now ready, it is golden brown from both sides. Remove on a plate. Like this we can prepare other Uttapam also. Prepare this food at home and share your feedback with me by leaving a
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