Passion for food? Essential

So before essential foods was created my
wife and I lived in Melbourne and we wanted to come over to Adelaide so we
decided to throw ourselves in in the deep end and set our own business up
using the experience for my logistical and transport background and my wife’s
marketing background. I’m guy lewis i’m the founder of essential food services established in 2011. We supply many ingredients to many businesses our own boutique range of retail lines, core ingredients for manufacturers or we
offer third-party logistics. We even provide Jetstar crew meals for all planes leaving South Australia. So our initial Essential foods has
fragmented into many various entities of the food industry anything to do with
food we provide. Major challenges of Essential Foods is cash flow and the fact that we’ve grown quite quickly over the last three or four years and staff
that’s that’s the backbone of our business. I believe now we’ve got a really good core foundation of people and that’s really important. I think what’s worked for us is our approach ability to customers we still have that small old-fashioned customer service mentality
which to me is something that none of the big players have I’ve picked up a
lot of the big business procedures and I’ve enough kind of tuned it down
implemented that into my business so that’s really really instilled in
everyone here to stay local to stay small but think big.

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