Paul McLellan Breakfast Buffet: Best Blogs – October

Hey! This is Paul McClellan with the
Breakfast Buffet, the buffet of the best blogs from October. And we’re gonna start with CDNLive in Taiwan which had a very interesting automotive panel. You can
watch a video of that or you can read my post on that. Then staying in Asia, we’ll
go to the semi Strategic Materials Conference and I look at the rise of the
China IC industry. Almost all of the fabs in the world being built right now are
being built in China. Then we’ll go to the microprocessor world. Linley Gwenapp microprocessor conference he gave the keynote on the state of the market. Then another CDNLive looking at AMD’s experience with portable stimulus. That
portable stimulus standard PSS is actually not standardized yet, but people are using it already. And then I’ll take a look at what made arm successful in
mobile. Arm TechCon was done just recently and arm is still on everybody’s lips. So if
you want to find these blogs, then just click here

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