Pendant un déjeuner avec sa belle famille – Palmashow

Now I know… When I see you, I know where Sarah’s little fine ass come from. Fine round ass huh… And then, what does Santa says ? “I’m making my sledge !” … Ha ha… Yeah… For how long have you been pregnant ? She isn’t pregnant… For the lunch, I prepared everyting huh… And I also paid everything, so how do we do ? You make me a check or… ? Oh, what you said isn’t polite ! In fact, it was the priest who raped the kid ! It’s not funny… Ok… gloup gloup heh It will be fun now… Wow ! I just broke the toilet, do not go there… Shit, It’s a no man’s land ! Another glass ? Before you, I was with a girl named Delphine… Shit, I can say that she was on fire ! Damn ! All night she gaved everything, she screamed words in Spanish. Hey… Me… I want… I want ! We argue sometimes, but nothing… This is nonsense… It’s… It’s because your parents are here,
you have to be a bitch ! Uh ? Tsss Uh huh… Come on, let it happen, a little kiss ? You know your daughter gave me two STD huh, this month. I’ll show you… But stop it ! Are you crazy ? Not in front of them ! But he is ok, look, he is doing the same thing. He grabs her too. I invited Frankie for the dessert, he is my best friend. That’s cool ! Damn, your step mother is hot ! Here ! The fool… You’ll be my best man… Are you my buddy? What ? Will you marry me ? Come on, stop the bullshit, a last one and I bring back you guys ! *glass breaking* That’s cool ! No this isn’t… No ! What are you doing now ? I clear the table ! *glass breaking* The tablecloth trick, that’s cool !

  1. ambrelareine

    vers la fin quand le mec a dit ( je vais inviter franki pour le dessert qui a compris franky ( la série ) ? jore l'androïde

  2. Bertrand Defourneau

    Vous etes fatiguants le Palma show. Bravo a vous 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂des tueurs, a chaque sketch ca marche

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