Planting Chocolate Trees Episode #3: Tablea Hot Chocolate Recipes

Welcome to episode #3 of Planting Chocolate Trees Today we’ll give you an overview of how Tablea is made And also show you some recipes that you can follow We started off from the cacao pod and when we harvest you will see There are two processes from there So some actually just sun dry the beans automatically without fermenting From the fermented and dried beans These beans are going to be roasted in a roaster It will then be cracked And winnowed The winnowing process is basically just a separation of the shell from the nibs We will then go into grinding A cacao has cocoa butter or its oil So once it goes to the grinder it becomes like a chocolate paste so that’s what you call And then once you have that chocolate paste you can then mold it into whatever form you like So this is our molds it actually looks like a flower and then you can actually mold it like this So this is a 1-kilo tablea block If you want us to make a video of a step by step process of how we make our tablea Please comment on the comment sections below and we will make that in our future episodes so Shiela take it away For the first recipe the traditional Filipino hot chocolate the ingredients are In this recipe, I’ll be using coconut sugar But you can also be use any sweetener that you prefer if you’d like to use Regular white sugar, brown sugar or a healthier alternative you can also use stevia. So for our first step you need to boil the water pour in 1 cup of water here and wait until it boils Usually the traditional Filipino hot chocolate is made with Molinillo and a Batirol But if you don’t have those at home then you can just use a heavy bottom sauce pan like this And if we don’t have batirol you can just use a wire whisk So we’ll just wait for this to boil and then add 2-3 disks of the tablea I prefer to use two because later on we’ll add milk and that would still make the hot chocolate creamy Once it completely dissolves we just wait for this to simmer for about five minutes until it becomes thick actually, you can drink this pure without sugar or milk if you prefer But this is unsweetened or hundred percent pure tablea so if you’re not used to the taste it might be too bitter for you So once it thickens you can add the rest of the ingredients if you want it creamier and sweeter, you can add any sweetener you prefer so here im just gonna add about 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar then 1/4 cup of milk and then we’ll let this simmer again for another 3-5 minutes So once your hot chocolate is already thick you can use a batidor to make a froth on the hot chocolate and just roll the batidor in between your palms This recipe is good for one cup of hot chocolate For our second recipe will be doing spiced hot chocolate This is similar to the Mexican hot chocolate And in this recipe what we’ll need So we’ll start off by heating the milk and the sugar So if you have this, you can use this for your hot chocolate as well For those of you who don’t want to use milk Or you want an alternative We haven’t tried this but I think So once the milk and the sugar comes to a boil then we add the disks of tablea so for this recipe, we’ll add 2-3 and then we’ll wait until it melts Once the tablea melts in the milk and sugar mixture we can add our spices 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg I don’t want it to be too spicy so i’ll add just a pinch of cayenne pepper and then we’ll add our vanilla extract so we whisk and just simmer for about 2-3 minutes With the Mexican hot chocolate, they also use a batidor to mix the hot chocolate So after about 2-3 minutes or until the hot chocolate thickens then you’re ready to go! This is your Mexican hot chocolate for our last recipe what we’re having is so we’ve known this recipe because we have some friends who went to Columbia and then sent us a photo of their hot chocolate and the secret ingredient for a Columbian hot chocolate is actually For this recipe is So once it boils, we can add our tablea disks for this recipe we’ll add three So we’ll let this just simmer for about 3-5 minutes until it thickens So once it’s thick you just put it over the mug with the mozzarella cheese inside And this should be enjoyed with a spoon So this Columbian Hot chocolate recipe is best enjoyed with a spoon so that you can get that gooey cheese inside Let’s have a taste It’s different You get that gooey cheese And that creamy and rich chocolate taste So I hope you enjoyed the three recipes that we share the you the first one is the traditional Filipino hot chocolate the second is the Mexican or spiced hot chocolate and the last one is our Colombian hot chocolate with mozzarella cheese So we have here Ken who will try the recipes that we did today and see what he likes best – What’s that? – It’s so hot! -Ooops! Ooops! – You’ve already use that elsewhere – What does it taste like? – Chocolatey and salty because of the cheese – And what’s this? – Secret – What can you taste? – It’s a mixed up taste – Like? – Nutmeg – Oh, really? – Does it have nutmeg in it? – Yes! – How about this one? – That’s the – So which among the three is your favorite? – I love the one with the cheese – So this is mine already – Wait you have to share! – Nope! So if you enjoyed this video and Would love to learn more about cacao and chocolates Watch out for our next episode and Until next time! Bye!

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