PULP Culture: ITZY Yuna’s Sandwich Recipe

Hi! We’re back for another episode of PULP Culture This episode of PULP Culture is very special because it’s related to one of our upcoming shows Christian, what show is this episode related to? Okay, this special episode of PULP Culture is definitely related to our show on December 8, 2019 at the New Frontier Theater. It’s none other than Yes, it’s the ITZY Premiere Showcase Tour ‘ITZY? ITZY!’ in Manila Yes, Eka? What will happen today? and why is it related to ITZY? Right. So ITZY is coming to Manila and one of their members said that she has a favorite recipe during her V Live So, today, we will recreate that recipe and show it to you, guys YUNA, one of the members of ITZY, said during her VLive that these ingredients are the required things for her recipe Her favorite sandwich recipe. We have here some bread Strawberry Jam Scrambled Egg Is that an egg? I thought it was a cheese. This is an egg! It’s an egg cooked by Camz. and peanut butter Let’s do this! So, first, we’ll get our own slices of bread Okay, so before you do this or any food that you’ll prepare, you should always wash your hands first. Eka and MJ did you wash your hands? I washed my hands earlier today. I just came from the CR. So, now we have one piece of bread. Oh, it’s really new! Happee Media is amazing because they really spent on this! Oh, no! It’s supposed to be here on top! In fairness to this brand! I can’t name it but your product is super sealed! Let’s change the recipe! Let’s not put strawberry jam! We’ll start now. Please play background music. Wow! Yours looks appetizing. It feels like it’s Christmas. Hi, Miss! Everybody, please welcome Inang Reyna! What’s happening? We made ITZY YUNA’s recipe. What’s your target? Have appetizing look? Basically, the recipe says to put peanut butter and strawberry jam with a scrambled egg on top. How does that taste?! Where did that come from? From who? This is YUNA’s favorite snack! So, what am I judging here? Everything looks ugly. The less ugly one. If I’m the one who’ll eat this I’ll choose this. You really like checkered? Then, the second one will be this. The one that I won’t really eat is this. Why did you choose this? It’s peanut butter and jelly, right? at least, this one has limited eggs. This one has a lot of egg on top! There’s no way out! At least for this one, it has a separate area for peanut butter On this one, whatever you do, you really can’t escape the eggs! So, for you, it’s either strawberry or peanut butter. I just passed by here. Sorry, I have too many opinions. The winner is Eka! Should we taste it? Hmm…this one is quite big. It’s good but… Just try it. Thank you, Yuna for sharing this recipe. We won’t know, maybe Yuna will make this for us. She’ll prepare this for us, we’ll see. Just kidding! Okay, MIDZYs! If you want to try YUNA’s recipe try this at home! You need to eat it in one bite. I can’t understand the taste. It has peanut butter. That’s your favorite. right? She makes her own peanut butter. It’s sticky on the mouth. Is it a POP or a FLOP? PULP. Wait, what?

  1. hey, yukhei

    inang thank you po very much sa pagiging masipag at matiyaga niyo sa trabaho niyo bukod don napapasaya niyo po yung mga kapwa pilipinong kpop stan din huhu 🤩💖 God bless you always Mrs. Happee, stay happy 💞💗

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