Quickbites – What is your vision for the Food System? – Chuck Eggert

As I look forward into the future and
envisioning what we think natural food is going to look like – and
we’re still using the word as a descriptor that I’m excited for the change, for
the fact that people will go back to smaller farms, that people will go back
to heirloom animals, that people – once they try them, they appreciate them.
But there’s a concern that goes with that, Is change going to come too quickly? And
can the infrastructure support the change? And I think that when you look at
organic and natural, the concept of natural and the change in eating habits within how
Whole Foods and other natural food companies have developed, that’s all happened in the
last 30 years. And it took hundreds of years to develop what we have. And so
the issue is, is the supply going to be able to keep up with the demand.
We know we can sell it. We don’t know that we are going to be able to provide
the ingredients to meet the market.

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