Reaction to Ilwoo’s mala dumplings [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.11.25]

(Adding cooking oil) (Stir-fry the chopped ingredients in order) (Man who knows how to cook) (Mala sauce) (The key ingredient, mala sauce, goes in) (Add mala sauce to your liking) – Why are you adding so much? / – That’s too much. I think that’s way too much. (Too generous) (Bubbling) What’s wrong with the color? (And the last step) I didn’t add that much. It looks so delicious. He’s adding rice? (Rice?) (3. Add cooked sweet rice) That’s the stuffing? (You can get the recipe on the Fun-Staurant website) (Using rice, the theme of the first dish) – It’s like fried rice in dumpling. / – Right. I think it’ll work. (Excited) (Mala xiang guo rice dumpling stuffing is ready!) I have to have some! (Appetizing) – Is it good? / – It looks good. That looks good. (I’m not going to get burned again) (Pulling away) (Someone always tries that) (Grabbing him by his neck) – You put Chinese pepper in, right? / – I did. I just chewed it. Me too. You have to chew on that to know it’s mala xiang guo. – It’s good, right? / – Yes. It has to be this strong to call it mala xiang guo. Okay. Let’s make the dumplings. Oh, but that’s hard. Look at him making a dumpling. (With beautiful hands, delicately) You’re better than me. My family has made dumplings since I was little. You’re really good at making dumplings. You’re not going to have a beautiful daughter. Do it like me. That’s pretty. I have to have one! Oh, you’re great at it. (They made dumplings for a while) They are so pretty. You are really good. (Deep-fried version) – He’s deep-frying them. / – Fried dumplings. They have to be good. (Deep-fried version) How pretty! I have to have them! My kids would ask me to buy these for them. Kids would fall in love with them. The fried dumplings will be good with condensed milk. That way, it wouldn’t be too spicy. (Crunchy) Oh, the sound! That has to be good. (Crunchy deep-fried mala xiang guo rice dumplings) Oh, that sound. That looks good. (Yum) It’s good. It’s really good. The condensed milk is fantastic. – Condensed milk to weaken the spiciness. / – Sweet. That’s sweet and savory. That’s sweet and savory. – Spiciness added, spicy, savory, sweet. / – SSS. – SSS. / – It’s triple S. Let’s not put the sweet rice in here. I’ll just add some potato starch and use rice paper. (The rest of the ingredients are the same) Are you a professional chef? You are a chef. When you do this… – The rice paper one must be good. / – It’s chewy. (This isn’t the end) You’ll have to get rid of the wrapper. (Wrap it one more time with dumping wrapper?) Like that? Yes… Rice paper alone will break open. Oh, I can see that. It’s too thin. Don’t you think that’s a great idea? The juice is the key and it can hold it in. That’s a great idea. It’s like underwear in fashion, right? (Dumplings wearing underwear go into the steamer) Oh, that’s great. (Steamed version) They look good. – They do. / – Sweet chili sauce. Chili sauce. (Steamed dumplings with chili sauce) What did you put in here? (Chomp, chomp) Wow, they look delicious. Good, isn’t it? (Same ingredients, different kind of taste!) It’s really good. Rice paper adds chewiness. It’s because of the rice paper. The texture is far better. It’s like that, guo bao rou. I’m so curious. We have to get evaluation for these dumplings. Good job. One, two, three! – Let’s do it. / – Go for it. (Before going to the judges, a taste test) (First taste test! At a women’s university) – A women’s university? / – You went there? That’s not fair. I don’t believe him! (Mala xiang guo rice dumplings made with love) They look good. (Entering quickly so no one would notice) (He entered the room where he will watch) They began already. (Students are gathering to try the dumplings) Incredible. I should try to sound like a robot. I, Jung Ilwoo, worked very hard to… I’m so nervous. (Dry mouth) I was really nervous. (The taste test starts now!) (What’s this?) – I, Jung Ilwoo, worked really hard… / – Surprised. to make these mala xiang guo dumplings. Both criticism and praise are welcome. Please give me your honest opinion. Nice, nice. Cheers. (What did they think of the deep-fried dumpling?) Is it good? Yum! – Oh, it’s good? / – It’s delicious. (Relieved) (Crunchy) How is it? It’s better than I thought. (Sniff) It smells good. Dip it in there for me. (Proud) She said it was better than she thought. It smells like mala soup. It’s crunchy. (Both taste and texture are good) It’s great. She likes it. That can’t be bad. Condensed milk with dumplings? It’s really unusual. But deep-fried dumpling and condensed milk work. I’m glad. – With condensed milk… / – I thought… Anything is good, even rice. Condensed milk? Condensed milk is delicious. It’s sweet. (How is the steamed dumpling?) (Savoring it cautiously) (Tell me the steamed dumpling is good too) The wrapping is chewy. It’s really good. Thank you. There’s a lot of stuffing, so it’s great. Right. One, two, three. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Happy) – That was a success. / – They must be delicious. They all love them. (Happy smile) (With everyone’s positive review, Ilwoo is happy) (Let’s check how famous I am) Do you know Jung Ilwoo? – Jung Ilwoo. / – So much pressure. (He offered mala xiang guo and received pain) Heartbreak. What does it taste like? What do you think about Jung Ilwoo? (So suddenly?) He’s very handsome… Oh, it tastes like mala. (Yes, the dumplings come first) Wasn’t he on “Moon Embracing the Sun”? Yes, he was. He disappeared after that. He disappeared. I went to the army for two years. (He is explaining) (He came out?) (Busy eating the dumplings) (Striding over) How does the mala xiang guo taste? How does the mala xiang guo taste? (Frozen) Hello. Hello. You said I disappeared after the drama. I was here waiting for you. (Confused) (Hahaha) Which one is better? The steamed one or the deep-fried one? The textures are different, so both are good. Really? Thank you. Yes, thank you. (Sorry) You’re here pretty late. So, bye. (Bright, cool guy) (Be still, my heart…) – I was startled. / – My hands are shaking. (Hahaha) Candid camera is fun. – You seem to be having fun. / – It’s been a long time for me to meet college students, so it was exciting and fun. I know. More people. I, Jung Ilwoo, worked really hard to make mala xiang guo rice dumplings. – You like dumplings. / – Which should I eat? I love dumplings. Let’s try. She likes dumplings. Let’s all try some. Mala xiang guo rice dumplings taste better with the sauce. (They follow his direction) They’re all eating the deep-fried ones. It’s spicy but good. (Dumplings are delicious, so…) Do you know Jung Ilwoo? (Will they know what Ilwoo’s been doing?) – Of course. / – Of course we know. Three strengths of Jung Ilwoo. He’s handsome. He looks young. Smiling eyes. Smiling eyes. It’s like he’s here. (Smiling eyes) (I’ll show you those smiling eyes right now) (Embarrassed) You got hooked. (Screaming) Hello. (They are so excited to see his smiling eyes) Jung Ilwoo was on “Moon Embracing the Sun.” (They almost got sick eating the dumplings) How are they? I made them today. Really? – They are good. / – They are delicious. – Really? / – Yes. Which one was better, steamed or deep-fried? Deep-fried for me. Me too. Deep-fried? – Deep-fried? / – Yes. How will they do if they were sold? – The deep-fried ones will do great. / – They will. With the condensed milk sauce. I’m curious about the condensed milk. (Applause) Dip dumplings into condensed milk? How many points out of 10? – One, two, three. / – That was a great idea. 10 points. (Thank you) You’re all proud.

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