hi rebellious cooks it’s Yannick today i will show you a dessert a specialty from my country France 🇫🇷 of course I’m talking about the tarte tatin many of you have asked me for it I will show you how it is done follow me we will start by making the dough to do this we need 150 g flour 150 to 160 g 75 g butter 1 egg half a teaspoon of salt a teaspoon of sugar a tablespoon of water in a bowl we will start mixing water, salt and sugar after adding the egg we will add our butter little by little I will now transfer the dough to
my work plan and I will knead for 5 to 10 minutes this is what my dough looks like after two minutes of kneading I will knead again for 3 minutes to have a total kneading of 5 minutes my dough is ready I will now place it in a bowl to rest the time to take care of the rest what would a tarte tatin without apples be? here I use gala type apples I show you in a frying pan or baking mold here I use a pan that has a
20 cm (8 in) diameter I will place 50 g of butter and 50 g of sugar in spices I will use three star anise a cinnamon stick and vanilla for this recipe we’re going to need 4 to 5 apples if you use organic apples don’t throw away your peelings you can use it to make
apple vinegar I will cut the apples in 4 so as to have flat parts like that I will now place my apples
in a circle I miss an apple in the middle so i will use a fifth one which I will cut in half and place like this now that our apples and our
ingredients are in the pan we will place our pan on a heat we’re going to light 6 on a scale of 9 we’re going to let our butter and our
sugar form a caramel stay next to your pan it will go more or less fast the idea being not to burn our caramel our caramel starts to brown I will remove the pan from the heat I preheated my oven to a
180°C (350°F) temperature and now I’m going to flatten the dough I am going to flour my work plan very slightly like that I flattened my dough to obtain a thickness of approximately 5 mm 4 or 5 or 6 mm and a diameter of about 25 cm (~10 in) to cover the pan and be able to fold
my dough inside the pan we take a fork and we fold our dough inside so we lift and push be careful the pan is very hot using a knife we now come to make a hole in the middle some others on the sides here we go and we now place our pie
to bake in the oven for 30 to 35 minutes at a temperature of 180°C (350°F) our tarte tatin is ready before you can flip it I will let my pan cool
for about ten minutes when you turn your pie be very careful because the caramel can still be quite liquid and you can burn yourself so take a plate that is large enough and we flip it there you go you now know how to do a tarte tatin if this is your first time
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  1. Estelle Gloz

    Espectacular!!!! Mmmmm delicia. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos y tu enseñanza que se comprende muy bien. Me gustaría enseñaras a hacer VINAGRE de MANZANA🍎🍎. Éxitos!! 😍👍👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Soleil Séhéia

    Merci Yannick, quelle bonheur de te suivre en cuisine, c'est un véritable régale ! Porte toi bien et au plaisir de faire pétiller nos yeux et nos papilles de tes merveilleuses recettes…Merci !!!

  3. Sylinux

    Salut Yannick,
    Jusqu'à maintenant je faisais mon caramel et j'y ajoutais mes pommes (ou poires) … Mais c'est VACHEMENT plus simple comme tu fais dis donc ! 😍😍😍
    Et encore mieux je faisais ma tarte avec une pâte toute prête (beurk !) Maintenant que tu nous a montré pour la pâte facile à faire je vais pas me priver !
    Merci monsieur franco-québécois 😜
    && Push blue !

  4. Cheyenne Agnes

    Miannn Miannn.. Lorsque je fais cette tarte je la sers toujours avec une boule de glace vanille fait maison.. Un vrai délice.. ☺️ Merci pour le partage..

  5. Anita SIEGLER

    J'aime beaucoup ta façon de faire, directement dans une poêle :-),j'ai toujours fais mes tatins sans épices….je vais essayer comme toi! en plus, quand tu l'as retourne, c'est vraiment super joli!!!! vraiment original <3

  6. Walter Gonzalez

    Hola Jannick! Muy buena manera de hacer esta tatin! Una tarta especial, con una historia simpatica! Merci pour tu recetta! Saludos!!!

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