Recipe Thief!

(audience cheering) Welcome back. It’s time for Ask Wendy, everybody have a seat except for you, come on over. Hi Wendy, my name is Cecily, how you doing? How you doin’? Where you from? I’m from Baltimore, go Ravens. What do you do? I’m a nurse. Okay, how can I help? Okay, so my mom has been selling, well she doesn’t sell, she makes these sugar cookies that’s she’s been making since before I was born. Okay?
Okay. And her friend text her and asked her for the recipe and she texted her the recipe and then the next day her friend is opening this business on Facebook and she’s selling them. Oh well.
With her recipe. Oh well.
Yeah. And my mom won’t say anything, she’s too shy to say anything, so. Is your mom still friends with this woman? Yes, yeah. All right, so– So, I mean, should I say?
With all due respect, your mom’s a sucker. You gotta talk to your mother, your mother is supposed to, first of all, there’s no lawsuit that can happen, you know what I’m saying? It’s like a little small business. I, doesn’t matter. The point is is she’s making money off a recipe that your mother’s been making since before you were born. Yeah, she needs a cut or something. She doesn’t want a cut. Yeah. She doesn’t wanna go into business with this woman. What she wants to do is call her up and give her a good, hard read, not you, her. And you script it out for your mother, okay? You tell your mother to get a backbone this one time and then block her number, never talk to her again, okay? All right, good. (audience applauding) Wow, it’s a lot of nerve. Come on over, how you doin’? How you doin’, Wendy? You havin’ a good time? I am having an amazing time. Thank you, how can I help you? Hi Wendy, my name is Sherry and my son is in college, he came home on New Years Day– Here we go.
And, yeah. (laughing) I was really happy to see him, he wants to be a dentist, he’s a biology major and he said I don’t wanna be a biology major. He’s dropping his major, he wants to be a computer science major. Okay.
I’m devastated. Why? I want him to have a lucrative career, I want him to be successful. And he can’t do that with computer science? He can, he can, but the idea of being a dentist just– You want a doctor in the family. He’s wore on my heart. I know, I get it. Well he can get his Ph.D. in computers and then he’ll be a doctor. You know what I mean? (audience applauding) Be happy that he still enjoys school, that he’s not dropping out and that he didn’t major in something else, like maybe art. You know what I’m saying? There’s nothing wrong with majoring in art, I’m just saying you don’t need to go to a four-year education to– That’s it. Yeah, to discover art. Good for you, Mom, stop complaining. Thank you, okay. All right. (upbeat music)

  1. Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive

    Lol why do I get the feeling that the lady in the pick is that girl’s mom 🤭😄😄😅. She was really trying to keep a straight face the whole time.

  2. David Van De Kamp

    Miss Wendy what was that art study comment all about??? Art is as important and as difficult as any other school or profession..

  3. Xoxo Macx

    Recipe mum daughter, better still, tell your mum to post the recipe on FB everyday for the whole year. BUSINESS CLOSED😅😅😅. And post it here and on Twitter and on Instagram for good measure.

  4. raschica

    Clearly, this woman doesn't know much about being a computer scientist. The son needs to educate her. He could have a more "lucrative" career than being a dentist, and it will be doing something he enjoys.

  5. Midori Dad

    Really Wendy, art is beneath you? Obviously because she was semi-able to doodle that little face a while back she must think just anyone can do it. Reality is not with her sometimes.

  6. sara sunflower

    As an art major, I completely agree with Ms Williams 🙁 🙁 Therefore, to make myself feel better I have decided to become an Art teacher, which you do need a degree for 🙂

  7. Norma Andrianna

    Computer science majors make good money lol idk what she’s complaining about. Some even come out of college making 6 figures. I’m a computer science major

  8. Child of Persia

    He’s found something he’s passionate about, that will make him better than those in his field who aren’t passionate. And that, will bring him money.

  9. Videos .Galore

    Just have the mom post the recipe in local Facebook pages. And better yet, if her ex-friend's business gets big, she can even title it "Sugar Cookies that taste exactly like Bla Bla's Bakery for a lot less $$$"

  10. Amélie

    I was a computer science major. It is by far the most lucrative major available and he could get a job that pays six figures with only a four year degree.

  11. OG Bolt

    Last lady needs to get with the times, technology is going to continue to evolve and computer science is the future. Her son can make some serious bank with his new major.

  12. Susu

    To the lady whose son no longer wants to be a dentist… someone needs to educate her about the high suicide rates among dentists… Apparently there’s something soul crushing about staring at other people cavities and rotting teeth all day long that makes people want to end their lives… Her son dodged a bullet…

  13. serenityq26

    there is a LOT that goes into studying art including HISTORY and if you want your doctorate so you can teach art at the collegiate level yeah you going to need MORE than four years. art isnt just painting a picture and not everyone who majors in art is doing it to be an artist (painting, photographer, sculpting) some if not most want to be curators or teachers…………..hone your craft no matter what it is and that takes YEARS not months. #dontlistentowendy

  14. Shalon Garcia

    Love you Wendy!
    However; first, not all artist can just be good artists without getting a degree in art unless you are so well self-taught and make a career out of it. Having a degree open other doors, and knowledge that otherwise will not happen. Second, next time use the word gullible, naive or easily deceived person instead of sucker to call someone out on national T.V.

  15. Ser ka


  16. kenneth taylor

    As a graphic artist when Wendy said "He could be majoring in Art!" I was like "Hold on now!" but she's right! I have lots of respect for Doctors and Computer Scientists! They spend good money on ART!!!

  17. quivari25

    Umm. Wendy, my best friend has A master's in Art and she's a teacher making great money! Don't criticize something you have no understanding of or enough information about! #pointblank🧐🧐😤🤷‍♂️

  18. lshz

    As a Computer Science major and now Software Engineer I can say
    A) you don't need to go to college either to learn about "Computers" or coding to enter the field… much like Art
    B) Computer Science is helllla lucrative and respected

  19. 0ocheesecakeo0

    I ended up staying and eventually becoming a doctor and I’m the most miserable person now .. please don’t force your kids into careers they hate for what ever reason

  20. fhxs

    That 2nd lady is one of the worst kind of mothers. Your kid is not a sim you created to show off to people. He could be a sub par Dr because he’s not passionate and end up hating his life, but it doesn’t matter. You just want to brag to your peers. Gross.

    The world runs on computers he will be fine

  21. Lisa

    First of all, many people in computer science careers are making more than some medical doctors. Secondly, depending on the art major, Ms. Wendy, an extended college education is definitely needed.

  22. 'Ammarah May

    I hate when parents want their kids to do cliche careers like doctor lawyer and dentist. Computer tech careers are the future and very lucrative. Leave your son alone. Be happy he is ambitious and working hard

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