1. Vegan For The Animals Ⓥ

    This looks great, do more of these videos, please. I will make this. "Well Your World" did a similar video yesterday, although more of a casserole.

  2. Emily BH

    Nutritional yeast is an EXCITO-TOXIN and should be AVOIDED. There is nothing "natural" or wholesome about it. It is a man-made phood and like other excito-toxins has detrimental effects on the brain. Look up EXCITO-TOXINS:THE TASTE THAT KILLS by Dr. Russel Blalock and go to unblindmymind.org to see Dr. Katherine Reid's research and see how she found that by removing her daughter from all commercial foods and ingredients containing excito-toxins, she went from "moderately autistic" to completely NORMAL!

  3. goodmorning1221

    "This is toxic food: antinootrients and oxalates. Tomato has no nutritional value whatsoever, just water. Only animal food contains over 50 nootrients."

  4. Super terrific R

    Because we all love cashew dressing mixed with yeast on our pasta and veggies. Smh. And what is the study that shows this to be healthy? Does anyone who lives to 100 so far eat this way?

  5. Michael Greenwood

    Wanna get fat? Eat pasta. Whole grain or no, pasta will make you get fat. I usually substitute steamed cauliflower for rice and pasta.

  6. Ben Brown

    I'm looking forward to trying the recipe. The music though that was enough to make me do half my exercise when I played it several times through. Great music!

  7. cryptelligence

    LOVE this recipe – made it from the book and the kids love it! I also really appreciate the video recipe form because it’s shareable with more than just the people to whom I’ve gifted your recipe book! Thank you! ❤️

  8. smiley00

    Does it taste like nutritional yeast? I don't like that flavor. :/ Not sure if it's the brand of nutritional yeast or something else…

  9. Brian James

    Looks good. I'll have to try it though not that big on nutritional yeast. They should call it something else though. Expectations for Mac n cheese would rarely be met for those just experimenting with wfpb. I did it with lasagna. It was good….but not what I anticipated. And definitely not what the carnivores anticipated.

  10. Louis Schekierka

    Can’t call it Mac and cheese if there’s no cheese. It’s like calling an eagle a turkey..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  11. Crystalline Entity

    A straight up recipe video?? Yasss! 👀 Keep em coming! More of these types of videos will bring viewers in who would otherwise not be searching for health/nutrition content.

  12. Castledark Dweller

    THANKS DR GREGER! LOVE YOU! I made this tonight, had no cashews, used 2 giant boiled spuds & 2 boiled carrots instead. all the rest ingreds the same. BEAUTIFUL!

  13. SteVen Summers

    I literally just made this and it's pretty damn tasty! Granted, I lack miso, but this is still super awesome! I also added 4 cups of chopped bok choy for added benefits but I'll definitely be making this more often! Thanks for the recipe 😊👍💚💚

  14. Peppermint P

    This is delicious! Love the chickpea pasta. I would add more nutritional yeast for a cheesier flavor and probably 1/2 the amount of turmeric. My husband (who LOVES cheese) really liked this dish. He didn't miss the cheese at all.

  15. Vienne Haake

    I tried to cook Red curly kale and it was absolutely inedible despite lemon and garlic- horrible- would not get tender, bitter, horrid. I have made great cashew cream/"cheese sauce w ww pasta and other veggies and it was great. I wonder how any one can eat cooked kale. Any suggestions welcome

  16. S S

    Amazing recipe. Super easy to make, too. But I don't like it as leftovers because it just isn't as flavorful heated up the next day to me. I add a bit more nutritional yeast and salt to taste, maybe I just need a bit more miso. I also do heaping veggies… you just can't have enough of that kale in the creamy 'cheese' sauce!!!!!!

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