Restaurants in Prague – I Love Mama restaurant – Open kitchen concept – Czech cuisine in Prague 2

Hi guys, we are just having fun inside a really special restaurant! It´s called I Love Mama And let me show you why 🙂 If you wonder what´s so special about the restaurant it´s not only that it´s children friendly like full of colors and joy and that it´s non-smoking Look! They even have a children corner there! 🙂 What makes this restaurant REALLY unique , is the Chef! She has no Michelin star but she´s a mother and she cooks the dishes our moms used to cook us with love! She cooks in front of you and sometimes she even lets you cook your own dish and serve it your friends. Simply, if you are looking for a place where you and your children will feel like home you better don´t miss I Love Mama!

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