Restaurant’s Robot Makes The Perfect Burger

I grew up flipping burgers. My parents
have a restaurant, [so I] made a lot in my life. And you know, making that many burgers
for folks all the time, you start to realize that there are a lot of missed
opportunities to make things a little better for everybody. Right now, we have a
system with 350 sensors, about 20 computers, 50 actuators, and algorithms
and code all over the place. But we’re finally here it’s finally able to do it. What we
have is one of the most advanced culinary instruments out there. It does
some pretty cool stuff. One it makes literally the freshest burger ever. The
first step after you place your order is a bun will go into the system and it’s
a whole brioche roll. In other words not the pre-sliced variety that [people] might be
used to. in the middle of the robot is basically
a huge refrigerator. It’s a case that contains lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onions.
We have two types of cheese that we grate to order directly on the bun
and then 15 different sauces. So the robot will do different things
simultaneously. There’s a lot of software tracking to make sure the timing matches
up. And so while we’re building the burger with the toppings, like slicing
tomatoes and pickles and grating cheese and melting cheese, At the same time, the
meat is being ground and placed into the griddle and then cooked to order. Every
single ingredient is elevating one way or another. That uses some gourmet
techniques that are pretty much impractical to do by hand. So as an
example, we literally align the meat as it’s coming out the grinder to go
vertically along with your bite. So your incisors kind of hit the seams
of the meat and it crumbles in your mouth as opposed to having your teeth
have to cut through them. There are 11 thermal sensors just watching
everything from the ambient temperature to the temperature of the cooking
surfaces and adjusting every single time. We don’t cook any Burger the same. This is really good. It’s dangerous. One of the most exciting things about Creator is that were serving a very high quality gourmet burger with high-end ingredients at 6 bucks. Solving an engineering challenge
like this has been incredibly difficult. there’s been a conversation about these
things taking away jobs and I think the reality is it doesn’t make sense for us to
have to fear better tools and better equipment. At the end of the day it’s
making a much higher quality product at a lower price available to everybody.
This impacts everyone who eats, which is all of us.

  1. Llama Lulu

    I was enjoying the video until I saw the shittiest burger bites I’ve ever seen my life and disliked the video. Wtf? Why would they pick that dumbass to take the bites she’s totally faking her expressions and barely skims the edge of the burger with her teeth. Absolutely disgraceful.

  2. Silent Lou

    There are pros & cons… automation surely makes sense for high volume. To get a return on the investment made here, I’d expect this has to be a chain.

    We are on the way to losing knowledge of manual labor & craft. But I think there will always be demand & appreciation for old school methods, it will just become sparse.

  3. Ba Hashem Yeshua

    Here we go folks, more lazy people out of work, when that computer goes down.
    More money,more maintenance, and the business will crumble.

  4. joseph keeney

    What does the weight? what the mix? 100% beef? I buy 93 7 pure beef for 4.99 a pound get three 5.33 oz burgers that cost about 2.50 fully dressed.

  5. Guy Fawkes

    Okay, putting grated cheese on a bun without flamebroiling it is just disappointing and disgusting. 88% of a burgers flavor comes from how it's cheese is melted by fire. This will always be insuperior until it learns to make fire.

  6. n2cable

    These things are no different than ur entire frozen dinners at the grocery store. Such a fad. Plus i bet the equipment is soooo nasty after a few hours. Wait!!!! There are also people there…WTH!!! Thats not supposed to happen. ALL you people think this is innovative …please go check out the Automation food companies that you buy your frozen entee's from. Next the Dominoes Pizza conveyer oven will be called a robot woth censors and owwww and ahhhs come from the sheep. Its a Fad people

  7. rudeboystu69

    Didn't Domino's (or one of the big pizza chains) already create a robot to make pizzas? I vaguely recall seeing a video on Youtube with a similar concept, but for pizzas.

  8. El Astronaute

    He says its all done fresh but the lettuce is already shredded in the containers waiting. It should be shredded as it puts it on the burger like the cheese is.

  9. Salluu

    i went to this place today! It's absolutely delicious!! It's well WELL worth the 6 dollars 😀 The meat was so soft and juicy yum

  10. John Wednesday Lapp

    i am disgusted to learn that Tartine is supplying the buns for this horrific project. this is literally a way for restaurants to not hire cooks, if you are excited about this you probably hate poor people

  11. youtubeuser

    In the future, all restaurants are Taco Bell. Taco Bell outlasts the others as the sole surviving restaurant chain after "the franchise wars." If you want a hamburger, you better like eating rats.

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