Will I be able to eat a lot of meat? Welcome back to Unetboys channel Now today I want to eat Japanese barbeque Usually we know that Japanese barbeques are Hanamasa outlets But this is different guys, it’s on the side of the road Which is on the road Samanhudi In the Pasar Baru area Is it gonna be fun? Before I go there don’t forget to click the Subscribe button below Like, Share and don’t forget to click the bell button So that the latest video will be on your notification Hi Guys, now I have arrived at the outlet Which is SAKABE BUFFET Located on Samanhudi road near Pasar Baru Are you guys curious? Come join me Okay guys while waiting for the food to come out We want to go around first and see the snacks here And look at the drink too So the snacks are just like this The snacks are similar to other outlets And in terms of drinks there are also milk tea, matcha green tea and there are also regular teas There is ice cube too This is rice, and I don’t know what this is And here is the meat This is also Above here is written, “Take as much as possible” Means you have to take enough, if it’s not enough, take it again And here is also the sauce, spices, chili slices, onions And here too, what is the name … Sesame also exists, with cut onions When I sat down, I saw ice cream here Gua, I want to eat the ice cream I’ll do it later We will try one by one later Okay guys I’ve taken the meat I take 4 kinds of meat Why can Sakabe make the concept all u can eat like this? Because the stock is adjusted to the number of visitors who come So here the amount of stock is adjusted to how many come first If more and more visitors, the stock is also increasing I take 4 kinds of meat It’s like a Yuki meat or something, I don’t understand The name isn’t there, so I don’t know This one looks like a thigh meat A kind of thigh meat cut into pieces By the way, it’s hot, I’ll turn the stove off first And here it is I think this is beef And here is my favorite, Dory Okay let’s cook the meat Here the new outlet opens on the 3rd of April 2019 It’s still new And it’s very crowded here When I came, it’s already crowded guys Yes, even though it’s not as crowded as other brands’ outlets But it seems the food here is delicious Because this outlet is still new, it’s already famous Let’s try it Almost forgot, the meal time here is quite long. Given 90 minutes So you can eat until you are satisfied If you guys wanna come here, don’t eat anything so that your stomach is empty Continue to eat dinner right here I guarantee you will be full I swear this is really a homework for those who can’t use chopsticks Does anyone use cross chopsticks like this? Only in Unetboys Channel Okay, it’s all done Now we try From this meat We try all the sauces Some are like vinegar There are also berbeque sauces, Black pepper, and regular sauces Let’s mix it up Let’s eat The sauce is good Let’s try all at once The black pepper sauce is delicious This black pepper sauce is similiar to another outlets We can mention the brand Like Kintan Buffet This is really good and exactly the same Then the dory is the same How many grams can i eat? We try the beef with dory According to me here the meat is really good And almost level With other all you can eat outlets And the penalty is the same If there’s a leftover, per grams you get a fine of 50 thousand If it’s Kintan Buffet it’s 100 thousand if i’m not mistaken Here the atmosphere is also relaxed, comfortable Although a little hot but tasty For eating with family is also delicious here We go on Interesting, because there’s a chicken nugget here Usually the nugget is an Indonesian style Tips for those of you who want to eat a lot and don’t want to lose Don’t drink sweet Just drink plain tea So that you can eat more, you don’t get full faster So just drink the usual drink When i get home from here I can be clumps of oil-thin bumps Okay, guys, we are now eating a lot more Sorry, guys, since the place is on the side of the road So there’s a lot of voice here I’m gonna eat a lot now Can I immediately eat a lot of meat? Actually there aren’t many Okay guys now we go into the assessment session at Sakabe Buffet The value of me for Sakabe Buffet is 95 Thank u Sakabe Buffet for making me full and drunk Cool, the sauce is delicious and the meat is also good And friends don’t forget to follow the @sakabebuffet instagram And the outlets are open from 11 noon to 11 pm If you want to eat lunch or just have dinner right here And there is also a buy 4 free 1 promo here The price is 100 thousand / person

  1. Abid Pranaza

    Ini tempat kerja saya, lokasi di pasar baru bersebelahan antara joni steak dan malacca tost.tapi lebih persisnya bersebelahan dengan malacca toast. Terimakasih sudah datang ya.yg blm silahkan berkunjung,

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