Salisbury Steaks | Salisbury Steak Recipe

welcome back to my channel smoking and
grilling and cooking with me “AB” now you guys read the title, you know what we
making, we making Salisbury Steaks with that Onion and Mushroom Gravy! Hands down this way right here I call this a great meal for during the week
you know you want to have something homemade you know with a super good and with
that gravy you serve this over some mashed potatoes and it pairs very very
good with some sweet peas so with that being said I got to tell you this if
you’re looking for a meal that is budget-friendly this is it right here
only you know only need a pounder me you know you can feed a family of four man
and then somebody needs a double serving is good for that too so I’m not going
over talking we trying to get right into this video so you guys can see just how
easy it is to make okay now let’s go over the ingredients first we’re gonna
start off with doing the Salisbury steak you know ingredients first
that’s that 80/20 ground chuck or ground beef you got parsley listen if you new
to my channel and it’s the first time you’re watching one of my videos I just
wanna let you know every time that I pick up an ingredient you’ll see the
name of the ingredient flash across the screen along with the quantity and also
down in the description box below this video there’s the ingredient is there
where you could copy and paste print if that’s what you would like all right now
right there is that W sauce so then look we got ketchup two tablespoons and then
right here you got to have a bowl just what we gonna put our Chuck in and the
rest of our ingredients and mix it all up together now pull it out that was
really that was three pounds worth of a ground chuck so what I did was I just
divided it into three we’re gonna call that one pound and now we’re gonna use
all of the rest of the ingredients that you saw we’re just gonna put them in
there and then listen we’re gonna use our hands folks you know we don’t always
got to use no tool you just want to make sure you wash your hands to rock start
off with a clean set of hands you know just go ahead get them in there and then
the mixer thoroughly right there you know I’m using the spatula
you know cuz I got that in that bowl right here just to make sure that I get
all in the kitchen now just go ahead and work
it through now listen this is almost like if you’re looking at this and this
process right here seem familiar to you it’s almost like we’re making the
meatloaf on alright and now we just add our design I could have put the Dijon
mustard in that uh with the rest of the ingredients but you know what it was
sitting right there and I kind of like overlooked but anyway got it all in
there and once you get it all mixed up and again look I’m showing some of these
processes I’m a showing throughout you know a show that new people just wait is
supposed to look like there’s one thing to read to read a recipe and then it
doesn’t come out you know you have questions in your mind like it’s just
what they say so listen that’s what’s so good about having a video recipe you get
to see it you know what it should look like and then you go from there
now all you got to do is just form some patties listen whenever you make a
Salisbury steak you know where they don’t call them just regular patties
like that I always say make it like a regular circle they always say make an
oval oval shape me I don’t care you save them like a giraffe
it doesn’t make no difference they’re gonna be all we did 80/20 I can almost
guarantee with that along with that gravy man is gonna be so tender and
moist hey my mouth is watering already you know just doing this voice over now
just go ahead and make your patties you should be able to get it depends on how
big you make them I got five out of these I could have made four and ninety
sighs once it’s up to you if somebody needs to get a double up then you got
one extra if you gotta for a personal family now that’s what this should look
like you see with the parsley and everything in there now it’s time to go
ahead get your cast iron skillet or whatever kind of pan you using for me my
go-to is my cast iron so what you want to do is you just want you know preheat
get it hot you want to put a tablespoon of butter in there
I just put like a little dash of extra virgin olive oil you know what right now
you can see right there on the right hand side of that induction top they say
275 degrees that’s just a medium heat you know I don’t want to burn the I
didn’t want to you know burn I didn’t want to burn the butter so listen we put
salt and pepper on one side and as you see I’m putting them in there decide to
add and salt and pepper you want that to be down so that’s where you want it you
know cook it now I’m adding salt and pepper to the top part you know me just
the other side now I want to say this listen I’m using an induction top the
heating element is in the middle cast-iron skillet is steel and it works
by being magnetic so if you look when I flip it over the part closest to the you
know the center part that’s the part that cooks the quickest that’s the part
you got to learn you know when you use an induction top but don’t let that dark
color fool you right there because I promise you I put that out there you’ll
be asking me for doubles and triples and quadruples they listen that’s not burnt
liquor that’s the flavor we’re gonna work with that now we’re doing in gravy
increases now I’m just gonna go over all of those you can see you got that W
sauce Dijon mustard again I’m not gonna say there are quantities that you were
seeing right there on the screen and don’t forget also they’ll be down in the
description box below you guys all right you got your garlic a little bit more
than extra-virgin olive oil you know adding in here this is what I like about
this right here got the mushrooms remember to get them this time and then
we got that time man you know it you got to have some more butter cuz we long you
know make a it’s almost like making the root when you’re doing on when you think
about gravy think rules so you know you got to have butter flour stuff like that
and that’s that McCormick’s are you gravy that right there that got great
flavor puts a real real dark color into your gravy and you go from there okay
then you got B from and that was three cups you guys alright so goddamn still
going got it at about 290 degrees which is like is in between medium and
medium-high I just start off by putting my onions in and then I put the
mushrooms in look we just want to cook these down I’ll start with that first
you want to cook them that’s what it should look like I don’t know how high
how high heat you guys gonna have but you want to cook it to you it looks like
that for me in between using at about 290 degrees that probably took me maybe
maybe four or five minutes then after that you went ahead as you saw you want
to put your garlic in there now I’m mr. garlotte like it should have been even
cut even finer you look at you guys to see that at the end don’t worry it’s
still good dissolves and does everything else but if you cut it real real fine it
is just a song and just do you know totally disappear now hitting it with
salt and pepper you know you want to season it no just keep working it back
and forth you want to get those onions and those mushrooms to work now some
people call this wedding some people say you know cut down you know what I like
to use that you just want to cook them down to the beer you don’t want to take
them all the way down like making the birth all right now I just added you
know two tablespoons of butter you know to this you can add your flour now or
you can do you know however you want to do it as you can see I let my melt
almost completely and then I hit it with I hit it with the flour and then the
rest of my ingredients and I just keep working that right there is gonna blow
up some of that arm that’s just going that flours gonna absorb everything
that’s in there in the pan so listen use a wire whisk this is perfect we don’t
use no non-stick pans or this is perfect to use on this cast iron and then you
want to work it you’re gonna see it kind of like sticks to the middle where the
heating element is but that’s that’s okay that’s where that wire whisk I mean
you just keep working and getting it off the bottom and just keep you know just
keep moving that’s the key the key to making gravy is just keep that wrist
moving with that whip all right now I’m just pouring in the beef broth you know
slowly just keep working it back and forth back and forth once you got it all
in I like to keep it going and then now we can add the restaurant ingredient
we’re gonna add that w sauce then we gonna hit it with that Dijon mustard now
once we got all our ingredients you know thoroughly mixed now you go ahead and
open up your McCormick Czar’s you gravy you know that head pack that’s one ounce
just go ahead and add that and I start whisking that now what I did was I just
hit you know turned up the heat a little bit cuz we want to bring it back to a
boil then once it comes to a boil then we gonna bring it you know lower it back
down to a simmer we’re gonna add that need
right here I just want to make sure everything will be go ahead and these
are muster in the W sauce now after the W sauce then your last agree it should
be your time you just want to have that you want to
whisk it it’s not gonna absorb all the liquid as I get so you can see it stays
kind of like on the top but you just want to mix it as best you can
no worries we’re gonna put the top on it and we gonna simmer it and we’re gonna
simmer it for about 10 minutes after 10 minutes we’re gonna come back look I
already took the top off I just want to take a peek at it if you saw you can see
that but the bubbles were concentrated right towards the center again I’m
cooking on the cooktop so that’s where all the heat concentrate from the center
to the Seacliff is trying to work now just go ahead get your patties put your
sauce you know your stage in here and this right here now we’re starting to
make you know magic folks look get yourself a spoon and just put a little
bit of that gravy for life better make it different but you just want to coat
your patties you know go from there now we’re gonna cook that for about 10
minutes and then when we’re done with that
I’ll show you guys gonna be amazed right here hey take that lid off if you look
on the right-hand side you can see that plate already got that mashed potatoes
right there we just go ahead and insert you know you’re patty on top you can
serve it how you want to circuit four that’s how I like mine on top of that
mashed potatoes right there yes sir now just go ahead and put a little bit of
that gravy hey listen because I’m making a video I
would be real mighty so what I did right there but there you go got it right here
had to do this had to put it on top if your mouth is not watering right now
I hate to be the one to say to say this but something is wrong that right there
is a whole lot of goodness and then you know what oh man then I had to hit it
right here hey listen you only fold it tasted like that just at one time
I couldn’t quit I actually had to cut so much footage off the end of this one
because I just kept on going back and back and back that right there there’s a
whole lot of goodness there you go folks Salisbury steak so tell me what you guys
think about this one here super easy to make you know that’s one two it’s just
budget-friendly if you’re feeding a family of four just
a meal for you if you’re watching that coin hey there’s nothing wrong with
watching them coins no matter what so let me just say this if you’re new to my
channel then you go ahead and take this time and say hey welcome to my channel
you know what thank you for watching don’t forget to Subscribe, like this
video and let everybody out there know there’s a channel out here that’s
Simplifying these Recipes and Taking the Mystery out of Cooking and with that
being said you guys, I’m out of here! Peace!

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    By far man….this looks the best!
    Can't wait to try it….looks like a nice snowstorm type food along with making soups day.

    My mouth is watering

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