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hi welcome to I’m Anuja and I’m Hetal and today we’re making shrimp roast now this is a dish that’s
from the state of Kerala and it can be had
either with appams , roti, rice or dosa or even other you know they can appetizer
it’s a dryish dish but it’s so amazing awesome so to start with we have shrimp
right here and this particular shrimp that we bought we got it frozen and then
we left it kind of on the counter to defrost for about half an hour or 30 40
minutes just so that it is easy to work with and the size that we got is 3140 so
they’re not the super jumbo jumbo shrimp and they’re not tiny little ones but
it’s a decent sized shrimp also they’re devein and the tails are still on so the
first thing you’re going to do is even marinate the shrimp a little bit so it
has a little more flavor so we’ve got about eight these are large size garlic
pods so we’ve got about eight of them but you know depending on what the size
is you know some seven to ten is perfect and we’d
actually be a garlicky to it so we just went to peel these and we are going to
cut about an inch of the ginger and I’m just going to make little pieces so that
it’s easier to crush in the mortar pestle so we didn’t peel our ginger today
because it’s a really nice tender ginger without any fibers in it To the ginger and garlic we also have 2 teaspoons of whole black peppercorns this is to
taste this has a nice kick to it so you’re not into getting kicked, then scale it down and all we’re going to do is
crunch it down and it’s going to be like a roughly crushed mixture so we’ve coarsely ground the ginger garlic
and the black pepper look at it you want the chunks you don’t want to make it
pasty because you want to be able to bite into those pieces and we’re going
to add it to the shrimp to this we’re going to add some spices as well you’re
gonna add red chili powder to taste about two teaspoons because you want a
little spicy and turmeric or haldi about 1 teaspoon now
turmeric is an internal healer so a little bit extra is
good for you and it give a really nice color and one tablespoon of coriander
powder and salt to taste now shrimp has its own natural salts so
you should always go a little on the lower side you can always add an
adjustment later and also have here some fresh kadi patta (curry leaves) this is
about 1 sprig I just pulled on you here is kind of just roughly break them
and it releases really nice aroma and flavor there’s still big pieces so what the
other thing we’ve done is we actually took kokum now kokum is a souring
agent this is what it looks like
I’ll show you so this one looks like this is wet kokum over here and I just
roughly chopped it added to about half a cup of hot water and it’s been
soaking for about a good 30 40 minutes it’s nice and soft those are they soft
but now its even more soft right and so what we’re gonna do now is just take the
kokum from the water kind of drain out the water now if you can’t
lay your hands on kokum you can definitely add in tamarind as a
substitute and once you pull out all of the kokum the water that’s remaining do
not throw it away because we’re going to use it for later operation so hold on to
that and you’re gonna mix this so once it’s completely mixed and everything is
nicely coated all the spices are everywhere we’re gonna kind of cover it
and leave it in the fridge for about thirty minutes and it’s gonna marinate
and all those flavors are really good so we have one and a half tablespoons of
coconut oil now coconut oil is preferred because it’s a dish from Kerala and we’re going to turn on the flame on medium heat and allow it to melt and
get warmed up so once the oil is hot we’re gonna add 1 teaspoon of mustard
seeds and allow them to crackle and once they’re popping we’re going to add one sprig of curry leaves I’ve just broken it up and one large onion chopped fine
I’m going to add very little salt just so the onions get cooked well and quickly and along with the onions we have a little bit of
coconut shavings or coconut slivers that adds a nice crunch and to flavor to the dish and two green chilies, I just slit them and cook until the onions
turn golden brown. The onions are looking beautifully golden brown and its the perfect
time to add in our marinated shrimp give that a good mix Any time you’re cooking with shrimp you have to be very gentle So do not over crowd your pan first of all and do not over cook and stir Shrimp also tends to cook very quickly so as soon as they all start looking pink instead of gray you kind of know they’re cooked Ok the shrimps look done. They are all pink. Or almost there. But at this point Because as you notice the pan is sticking at the bottom there is some masala, the garlic ginger and all is sticking at the bottom that’s the reason we saved the kokum water and what we did is we just sieved it a little bit so there’s no grit and we’re going to add this and deglase the pan And it’ll give a very nice it’ll bring the shrimp together and it’ll give a little coating and it’ll deglase the pan and look at this It’ll be really nice It’s not a curry dish And look at that, the pan is completely deglased and all that masala is on the shrimp now
so the water also evaporates and once it gets this point we’re going to switch
off the stove and just remember that shrimp will continue to cook even after
the stove is off and it’s ready to serve so our shrimp roast is ready looking
beautiful and all we’re going to do is we have a couple of extra kadi patta
for effect so pretty yeah and we’re just going to
put just a few drops of coconut oil and just allowed to melt on it and it
just like seals the deal you can just smell that it’s really
really good and I already see the coconut oil like melting into the dish beautiful spicy
it is spicy but we intended it that way but what I love is you an actually
taste the ginger and garlic chunks because we didn’t grind it really well right we kept it
chunky yes so anytime you bite into the shrimp you can taste the ginger you can taste the garlic the black pepper absolutely stunning so like you said you
can use it as an appetizer or with any of your dishes with the chapati or rice
or whatever definitely a keeper so if you like recipes like this and you want
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so enjoy your shrimp roast and join us again on another episode of
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  1. Shafia Alam

    I just had to let you guys know that 10 years ago when I got married, you guys were the ones I followed in my kitchen. I used to try and make the dishes you guys did and a lot of my cooking skills come from learning from you guys. Thanks for all you do!

  2. naitcst

    Could you another chicken biyani rice but this time could you make it healthier like this recipe but like healthier calories and if possible can it cook in instant pot since I got it for Christmas

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