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Welcome to Rajshri Food. I’m Varun Inamdar and I’m going to
show you a very simple recipe. Which is ‘Gobi ki Sabzi’. (cabbage sabzi). It’s a sabzi with cabbage and is
also a Maharashtrain specialty. And in Marathi it’s known as
“Kobi chi bhaji”. For this recipe, first, we’ll take a cabbage. This is a green cabbage, you will
find a red one too. That can also be used. But the green cabbage is the traditional one. Let’s remove this stalk. The cabbage can be chopped in
two different ways. Either shred it or chop it finely like this. Both the styles of chopping
this are traditional. You can use whichever way you like. By the way, this Kobi chi bhaji
or cabbage sabzi,.. ..which I still remember, my mum would give
me in the tiffin with chapati. You can guess that it’s a very quick recipe,
it’s ready with 15-20 minutes. And our cabbage is chopped. Let’s start the tempering. For this, first, we’ll take some
oil in a pan. This sabzi tastes really good with oil. It’s better if you don’t use ghee. The quality of any type of tempering is
determined by the temperature of it’s oil. When the oil is hot enough, we’ll add
1 tsp mustard seeds. Once it splutters, we’ll add 1 tsp cumin seeds. With that 1/4th tsp asafoetida. And curry leaves. We’ll add 10-12 curry leaves
and tear them well. With that, 1/2 a tsp turmeric. Mix this. To this we’ll transfer our chopped cabbage. In South India this sabzi is known as
“Phogat, “Thoran” or “Poriyal”. The only difference is that the tempering
consists of split black gram. When this is mixed well,
we’ll add 2 tbsp split chickpeas. Which I had soaked for 1/2 and hour
in warm water. Along with that, 1/4th cup green peas. And finally, we’ll add chopped potatoes. This is approximately 1/4th cup. Which we have peeled and diced. And had soaked it in cold water so it
doesn’t get oxidized. Or don’t turn black. Add salt to taste. Mix it well. And finally, we’ll add an ingredient,
which is water. This is almost a small tablespoon of water. SO that it generates a nice steam. Cover it with a lid and allow it to cook
for 15 minutes on a low flame. 15 minutes are up, our cabbage sabzi is done. Let’s mix this once again. And now, the final 2 ingredients. Our first ingredient is coriander. Let’s chop that. Add this according to your preference. With that, freshly grated coconut. I’m going to keep some aside so
we can garnish it later. And our Kobi chi Bhaji is ready. Now, let’s plate it. Eat this with chapati or dal and rice. You will love it. Do not forget to like and share the video.
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  1. Shweta Deodhare

    No need to add too much ingredients, specially aloo, and add some chilly. It needs max 8 minutes to make कोबीची भाजी

  2. Kavya Hangal

    I am south Indian from karnataka isko yahan yelekosu palya Bolte Hain south means not only Tamil Kannada is also south Indian richest history language .Varun ji receipe is so nice n ur so kind person I think u never hurt anyone in life thank u so much.

  3. Rajshri Food

    Hi guys! Those of you who do not understand Hindi, we have added English subtitles for your convenience. You can turn them on by clicking on the Subtitles/Closed Captions button in the bottom right of the video player. 🙂

  4. Mala Anand

    Simple and easy recipe… Very nice… You have a very pleasing personality …. Like your simplicity and style of presentation… Regularly watch your cookery show on मराठी TV channels… Thanks for sharing your chef expertise. 🙏🙏

  5. Shraddha Mukhopadhyay

    Thanks Varun for the wonderful recipe. I couldn't get current leaves though. Otherwise I made it as you said, I added some green chilies and squeezed lemon juice it. It tasted good!

  6. Kavya Prabhakar

    I just did the above for dinner along with chappati. What I liked is there is no onion, tomato and ginger garlic paste. I added some green chilli insteadand squeezed lemon at the end. Thanks chef .

  7. Jyothi Hebbur

    Chopped cabbage wasn't soaked in hot/lukewarm water with crystal salt.harmful pesticides/chemicals will not be washed out otherwise.
    Very unhealthy. Sorry a big dislike for Varun for the first time

  8. Abhinav Singh

    Nice and simple recipe recipe. Thanks.

    Tried dal and coconut for the first time per your instructions – came out very tasty. And yes, I did add green chillies!

    Keep up the good work. Subscribed.

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