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Hi. I’m Gary Foreman, editor of The Dollar
Stretcher. Today’s question on Ask The Dollars Stretcher
is about recipes for picky eaters. Dear Dollar Stretcher. I am and looking for very simple recipes that can be made for very picky eaters. Where are there such basic recipes, ones without a lot of sauces and other stuff that is poured on, or things that are cooked in? Thank you for any suggestions that you might have. We have a
couple of suggestions for your. First try some heirloom recipes. Those are recipes that come from the Depression and World War II. They include a lot of simple
ingredients because in hard times when resources are tough things tend to be simpler. Second, you might look at some Crockpot recipes. A quite a few of those are fairly sauce free and simple kind of
recipes themselves. Third, find some reliable recipes that you can use frequently. Picky eaters typically don’t complain that they have the same stuff
too often so you can use a few recipes on a frequent basis. But fourth, I wouldn’t put up with too much picky eating. To be honest, picky eating is a form of blackmail. If you don’t give me
what I want, I’m not going to eat anything. I find that no one is likely starve, especially kids. If you don’t
give them other choices, sooner or later they’ll eat what you cook for them. Don’t allow them to snack instead of
eating dinner. Don’t allow them to choose something else outside of what
you prepared for that meal. Again they won’t starve. Sooner or later they will eat what you cooked for them. And you will actually be doing them a favor because let’s face it. They won’t be able to go through all of their life just being picky eaters. They
need to learn how to be a little bit adaptive to survive in this world. We thank you for your question for The Dollar Stretcher. If you like this video please give it a
thumbs up. Please visit us on The Dollar We look forward to seeing you again on the next Dollar Stretcher question. Thank you.

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