Oh wow smore cheesecake cupcakes guys shiver
me timbers and of course dog biscuits for boston hey how is it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen today we are making these incredibly easy smore cheesecake cupcakes they are so
simple the whole steps in total take about 15 or 20 minutes and that includes all 3 layers
it has a biscuit base, a lovely marshmallow filling plus a chocolate topping with a few
extras on top, really simple you are going to love it, shall we show them how we did
it, well he just sat around but you are going to love this.
The first step is to make our biscuit base so get some digestive biscuits or graham crackers
into a food processor and blitz away into nice crumbs poor in some melted butter until
nice and melted and coated all in there all we want to do then is get our individual cupcake
cases and spoon that in there making sure they are all evenly laid out pressing down
lightly to make it compact and you can sit it in the fridge to firm up but here is a
shot of boston instead of the fridge. For the middle marshmallow filling plonk some
marshmallows into a mixing bowl small ones tend to melt faster but large ones can also
be used blast it in there for around a minute until it starts to soften up stir it around
and it will go all smooth then you can take it to one side whilst still warm add in icing
sugar (confectioner sugar) and cream cheese dolloping that all in there mixing it all
the way around until nice and smooth or if you can have it a teeny bit chunky for texture
now if you find that taste a little too tangy you can add in some vanilla extract so about
a teaspoon of that and also mix it in that is the filling all done so remove the biscuit
bases from the fridge and spoon the mixture on there about 2 teaspoons is enough, get
it nice and even and consistent plonk it back in the fridge to set.
The last step to do for the topping is to melt up some chocolate you can do this over
a pan of simmering water or in the microwave on blasts until nice and smooth then simply
spoon that on top of that marshmallow filling if you like you can leave it so that it is
completely segregated or you can get a toothpick bamboo skewer or fork just mix it to swirl
it that helps to grib bond and hold it better when in the fridge, so I went for that method.
All that is left to do now is let them set and if you are in a complete hurry shove them
in the freezer for at least 15 minutes or in the fridge for at least an hour to firm
up longer if you can leave it ideally. Then just finish it with some extra biscuit crumbs
some marshmallows on top and a drizzle of chocolate all on there looking amazing keep
repeating that over until you are left with a whole platter of cheesecakes looking amazing,
I just realised I have not put your bow tie on mate you are looking a bit scruffy.
Yes folks so there we are please try this recipe out it is super simple remember to
take a picture if you do try it I love to see your attempts follow me on social media
for behind the scenes bits and bobs subscribe for regular recipe videos and fun food times
and of course let me know down below what you would like to see next, alright bye!

  1. Drivabletree

    Barry try and make a rainbow cake, the one where you cut it can there are different colour layers, that would be pretty cool

  2. Bluray Dan

    This looks awesome, I might do it for the family soon. Great video as always, brother! Love that you add the clips of the pup lol

  3. Rob Wood

    Hello mate, I just saw your kids while I was dropping mine off at drama club and Phoebe? (The little one) was talking about cupcakes at the top of her voice.

  4. Nofar Ben Shimon

    Hi Barry ! I have been looking for this mini food processor that you were using this video , and I couldn't find it. Would you tell me the brand/where did u get it ?
    Thank you !

  5. Jim Wray

    Barry, with a culinary torch you could toaster the mini marshmellows. Aesthetically pleasing and adds another layer of flavor. But no torch if you wanna make it kid safe ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. wynja77

    I shouldn't watch your channel when I'm on a diet… * sigh * on the other hand, watching dosen't contain calories… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can you recommend/do any low calorie/low sugar goodies…? I'm desperate… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Josh Bloomfield

    How do you get Boston to sit so still with food around? My dog would've tried the whole time I was making the things to get at the food we're making, even if it is chocolate.

  8. ines Ines

    nice!! Could you do some easy and fast recipes with marshmallow fluff please!! I'm from Spain and I don't know what to do with it ."

  9. Ashley Feathers

    These are my three favorite things in one!!! You just gained a sub! Nice channel by the way, checked out some of your other videos.

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