Spanish Patatas a la Riojana Recipe with Beyond Sausage

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to my returning subscribers welcome back anyways today we are making one of the
most classic Spanish dishes ever in-fact I cannot believe that I haven’t
made this dish on Spain on a Fork yet Patatas a la Riojana guys this
dish has an insane amount of flavor and it hails from the northern part of Spain
in the wine region of La Rioja this dish is kind of like a stew made with
spicy Spanish potatoes and Spanish chorizo guys the flavors here are gonna blow
your mind now to make this recipe I’m gonna be using beyond sausage instead of the
traditional Spanish chorizo just to mix things up and make it healthier
plus hey that beyond sausage is so good seriously guys insane amount of flavor
easy to make done in under an hour let’s dive right in we’re gonna begin by grabbing 2 medium sized yukon gold potatoes I’ve already peeled these
and wash them I’m gonna cut each one in half cut each half in half
to end up with 4 evenly sized quarters and then get four chunks of potato from
each quarter and as you’re cutting your potatoes add them into a bowl that way
you don’t overcrowd the cutting board next I’m gonna grab four large cloves of
garlic and thinly slice them we´ll finely dice half of a medium sized onion
for the next step I’m gonna grab five jarred roasted red bell peppers give them a quick
pat down with some paper towels cut each one in half and into quarter inch pieces for the last ingredient to prepare I’ve
got a beyond sausage here this one’s been thawed out I’m gonna cut it into
quarter inch pieces guys if this is not your thing you can totally replace this
for any type of sausage or for Spanish chorizo which is the hard kind not
the soft kind like the Mexican one ok let’s start cooking our dish I’m gonna
heat a saucepan with a medium heat and add in two tablespoons of extra virgin
olive oil one minute after adding the olive oil
into the pan I’m gonna add in the beyond sausages in there and start mixing them around
with the extra virgin olive oil and you don’t have to mix this continuously just
get in there once in a while that way each piece of sausage is perfectly cooked
it’s been four minutes since we added the beyond sausages into the pan and
these look like they’re perfectly cooked let’s go ahead and remove them from the
pan and transfer them into a bowl now using the same pan with the same heat
I’m gonna add in the slices of garlic and the diced onions and mix them around
with the extra virgin olive oil you want to mix this continuously that way nothing burns
it’s been about three minutes since I’ve added the garlic and the
onions into the pan those onions are nice and translucent I’m gonna add in
our pieces of roasted red peppers half a teaspoon of sweet smoked Spanish paprika
1/2 a teaspoon of hot smoked Spanish paprika and season it with sea salt and
freshly cracked black pepper we’ll throw in our beyond sausages back in there and
mix it all together until it’s well combined once everything’s well combined
I’m gonna add in our pieces of potatoes in there and gently mix this around that
way these potatoes are coated in all these beautiful flavors once everything is well mixed I’m gonna add in
some cold water into the saucepan you wanna go right to the rim of the potatoes
season generously with sea salt give it a quick mix and place a lid on top
very important to open the vent in your lid that way when this water boils
it doesn’t boil outside of the pan if your lid doesn’t have that option just
give it a little bit of breathing room after boiling this for exactly 15 minutes on a
medium-high heat I’m gonna lower the fire to a low-medium heat
and we’re gonna simmer this for about another five to seven minutes on a low-medium heat
after a total cooking time of about 22 minutes this dish should be
perfectly cooked I’m gonna remove the lid as you guys can see there’s not a
lot of broth left but all these potatoes are perfectly cooked you can just pinch one
in there with a fork easily goes in but with some resistance you kinda want
them al dente this dish is ready to go
I’m removing this from the heat transfer some of this into a shallow bowl don’t forget to pour in some of that
broth in the pan over the potatoes and garnish the dish with some freshly
chopped parsley okay guys our patatas a la riojana are done
hello look how beautiful this looks let’s give this a try and see how it
turned out here we go wow this just instantly transports me to my childhood
when my mother use to make this dish and that’s that we made it with beyond sausage
my mother used to make it with a traditional Spanish chorizo
such an incredible dish wow it’s so warm to the soul all these flavors work
perfectly together simple ingredients so easy to make done in about 45 minutes
really quick before I go I’d like to give out a quick shout out to one my patreons
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  1. Mimista Channel

    I know someone who will love this recipe 🙂 thank you this is soo delicious i have all the ingredients appart grilled paprika i will cook it as soon as i get it . Love the part when you added garlic so yummyyy i love spanish food

  2. Kuhinja Valentina Mašković

    The recipe is wonderful. Fantastically prepared and even more beautifully presented. I'm glad I'm on your channel. The recipe is for 10 or more "Greetings from my kitchen to you and your channel followers" ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  3. Quick & Easy 101 Recipes

    Oh yesss!! We love this yummy recipe!! The beyond meat italian sausage is our all time favorite, so flavorful. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. 😋👍🏽

  4. Rivet Gardener

    I love this dish! We get authentic chorizo from Spain by buying them online. You've just reminded me to make them again! Yours looked beyond fantastic~ what a feast!

  5. #루쏘TV #LUSSO TV

    I'm hungry at the sight of good food. Because of you, I'm watching your video instead of drawing. I can't. I'll have some food, too. If you have a chance, please come and see my drawing skills. Russo TV

  6. bestbitesforever 💜

    This dish looks so fantastic Albert – I love that you clapped when you tried it lol. That is a sure sign of something delicious 😋😋😋

  7. KL Owen

    I prepared this for last night's dinner – it was Wonderful! We've been cooking Beyond Sausage for a while now – good in pasta, etc. – but this recipe was extra special. I've added it to my "keep and do it again!" file. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with us.

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