Special Chicken Handi Restaurant Style Recipe | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan

Chicken Handi Restaurant Style Recipe Today we are going to disclose chicken handi recipe Add Cooking Oil Boneless Chicken half kg 500 gram Add Salt 1 table spoon Deep fry for 8 to 10 minutes in medium flame After Deep fry remove excess Cooking Oil Add few drops cooking Oil Add Ginger and garlic paste 2.5 to 3 table spoon Add 3 medium Tomato fine chop Add round Red Chili 6 to 7 Add Crushed Red Chili powder 1 table spoon Add Turmeric powder half table spoon Add Gram masala half table spoon Add Cumin seeds powder half table spoon Add Coriander Powder 1 table spoon Add white pepper half table spoon Add Coconut powder half table spoon Add Fresh Cream in low flame Then cook 2 to 3 minute in low flame Add Butter Add almond 1 table spoon fine chop Our Chicken Handi is Ready for Serve ..

  1. Sadaf Bakes

    Very nice recipe..your channel is too good to learn authentic Pakistani street food..I'm from India but I love Pakistani food …thanks for teaching best street side recipes..lots of love from India

  2. Rojak 123

    Oil, butter, cream, too fattening kind of food. If I were to cook or sell food, I will promote healthy eating habit. Sell healthy food, not a heart attack food.

  3. Pooja Brahme

    If only there were friendly relations between India and Pakistan, just imagine the number of Indians flocking to eat delicious Karachi chicken recipes and vice versa too. People can easily travel across European countries for tourism, but it is the loss of both countries Pakistan and India because there is so much to share, but cannot!

  4. Anil Chandelia

    Share Karna h to aisi video share karo
    Murkh hote h wo log jo India or Pakistan kids dushmani ki video bnate h
    Is ladai me kuch nahi rkha
    I salute you
    Wande matram 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  5. Sultan Shaik

    Don't spoil the name of Chicken Handi dish…Do you really think you need that much of turmeric powder?…it's a chicken Handi man….not turmeric Handi….

  6. Zaara Rose9

    Wow…😊😊nice. .😏😏banane vaala bhi handsome hi ji😜😜😜😊😊😊😊😊💖👍

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