like and subscribe for more fun food adventures! today we are making korean pizza!! i prebaked this dough so it comes out nice and crunchy our custom spicy korean tomato sauce it is just tomato sauce with gochujang gochujang is made from chili, rice and fermented soybean this will give our pizza a lot of kick i love getting my sauce edge to edge. Where it bakes into the crust is the best it brings that heat baby! this is our sweat and spicy minced pork! we start with raw ground pork lots of ginger garlic soy sauce hot chili oil mirin for sweetness rice vinegar and a good mix before we brown the meat this gives us that sweet ginger soy korean bbq bulgogi flavor a lot of complex flavor interactions in what looks like just pork this is romano mixed with a gouda for creaminess the creamy fatty gouda helps with the heat of the sauce and meat finally kimchi! this fermented cabbage will give it a nice kick and crunch into the oven 550 degrees for 5-10 minutes so crispy and crunchy the deep red of this pizza scares me the scent of it even burns my nostrils but in a tasty way I think when you balance spiciness with interesting flavors you win I hate foods that are just spicy to be spicy Lots of seasonings go with spicy and make it more palatable. Ginger and garlic have strong high flavors that add to spiciness and make it more interesting soy sauce and fermented aged ingredients give you some deep earthiness and of course the dairy, our cheese, is our one respite Plus all the wonderful carbs of the pizza crust to soak it all up! everyone always asks how I make my crust so I hope you are reading right now! I buy dough from a local bakery distributed to whole foods in NYC I cold ferment the dough for 24-48 hours Then I let it rise at room temperature for 6 hours or so Then I hand stretch it and bake it in a 550 degree oven on a preheated pizza stone for 5 minutes the key is preheating the stone for at least half an hour at full temperature this basically frys the bottom of your pizza dough giving you that thin crunchy layer on the bottom and a fluffy interior I love a dough that has crisp and fluff to it I can’t stand soggy floppy pizza I understand some people love that. We all have different tastes and that is ok. When people get upset about different styles of pizza they sound like clowns. it is ok for different styles of something to exist. People like different things. I think you have to try all versions and see what your personal favorite is. I’m a huge fan of new haven style, st. louis style, and whatever Shakespeares Pizza is. I also love me some Detroit sometimes and on rare occasion I just need Chicago There is even a time and place for 1 dollar street corner pizza No one needs to get high and mighty and act like their favorite is better. Cheezus Crust wouldn’t want us to fight I still want to know your favorite in the comments ! I’m sure there are more styles I’m not aware of Oh google nice pizza! Like the french city. This french pizza style uses a pastry like flakey crispy crust that is amazing often topped with cured meats, onions and cream sauces it is to die for pizza is love pizza is life

  1. fish and chips

    Today it's Saturday and unlikely I work..! When I go back at home I will order a pizza 🍕.

    Because of you

    Sorry I forgot

    Greetings from 🇬🇷

  2. Glenda dale Jones

    Let me influence this. Y’all- smash that like button and if ur new or returning,hit subscribe. Subscribe to be notified 👍. Phenomenal pizza ASMR 👏🏻👏🏻

  3. beng beary

    Before, I thought you were just another part of the mukbang community that eats gross but stupid me, you are more than that. 🤗
    You seem humble, funny and so true to yourself. 😊 And your captions are always the best! ❤️

  4. Tiffany Ding

    that's a gorgeous looking crust! i love that you like the sauce all over!!! best <3 and the toppings are great!!! [haha i'm glad you didn't just pour nuclear sauce all over it like everyone else does haha] YUMMMMMmmm… don't even know what else to say except drool over this heh!

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