Spicy or Nah? Dwight and Renne Try Peruvian Food in Atlanta!

Hey we are having a little food today. you see we are at McDonald’s finally, get a blog about McDonald’s. So we are at a peruvian restaurant eating, some really good peruvian food. What was flavor, I couldn’t taste it because my mouth was on fire. I can still feel, it like tingling down
my throat. Today got a special vlog coming your way we’re at mcdonalds okay not really but we’re at a place called last bras indicator this is in Atlanta hanging out with my friend Renee she’s a youtuber from a channel called travel
Lushes beyond it I’ll be honest, I’m just your average nine-to-fiver, who follows her dreams. i am not defined by my job. I follow my passion i believe in being happy And that is the main premise of my story and it’s the message that I want to get out to people. My name is Renne, and i’m from ” Travel Lushes” and travel lushes is basically a brand, that i started and a YouTube channel that i started. I’m just documenting, my travels around the world. and really kind of getting into the different cultures, around the world. and want to kind of show the deeper, side of the places that we all visit. and i recently i actually got back from Peru, and it was amazing man. like one of the best trips I’ve ever gone on, and if you go to my channel you’ll see the amazing food amazing peruvian food. you’ll see ” Machu Picchu ” you’ll see this
really really cool air B&B, that I stayed in the sacred valley, and it’s also really cool air in the Air B&B I stayed in Lima. and just like kind of like the old parts of peru, as well as like the modern side of it. So it’s really interesting video series, about six videos. So go and check, that out of my channel and I guarantee, you’ll be entertained and you really like my series i have a feeling. I’m actually here, with Dwight right now. we actually went to high school together. I was best friends with his sister, and you know fast-forward years, later and, i found out he’s a YouTuber and I on youtube now. So we decided to link up and kind of collaborate together. so we’re at a peruvian restaurant of course and try out similar to peruvian that is not what i was expecting things
like. it tastes almost like you ever had a pork punch. it’s taste like a juice but it’s not like a super sweet juice. sweet tea with like spice on it yeah, it’s almost like a Christmas Eve drink, something i would have during the holiday. A little bit tart. It’s got some spice to it, or any kind of like mulled, wine is kind of what is taste like. Yeah, it’s gonna be really good with
seafood too. Ok so that chicken, looks really juicy, and what I really want you see as the skin look how crispy, that skin is crispy, and fatty, and its got has been covered in a marinade. Nice and crunchy, but more importantly, it’s just fall apart tender. That’s the peruvian chicken rotisserie. that’s what ” Las Brasas ” this restaurant is all about And so this just like pulls right off
just comes flying right off the bone. Super juicy, super tender, and then they
have all sorts of sauce, that has served with. I’m gonna get mine here this is their spicy sauce. It does have a smal kick, is not on at ” Thai ” level. Renne use the spice that will surprise
you. let’s see what Renee thinks. Dwight why you making me do this..? I don’t want to do this. I’m getting, you ready for thailand. Ok can i get mild, food in Thailand. Oh yeah ! there we go. You try to kill me. I have worked my way up to building a tolerance to spicy food This is level one. This is working your way up. I’m super sensitive to spice .which is weird because someone’s capture me. I might, have to make it happened, in that a hopefully, that does to me. It’s spicy but like not overpower.
Usually I can handle spicy, that such a really good. Super moist, and that’s really good. very sweet I taste the Quinoa. So Quinoa kinda like what makes it like a proving dessert. I think the quinoa, but most importantly, I taste like that the sweet parts of it. So it’s a very sweet dessert, but not overpowering, I like it. Alright guys that was a really fun lunch,
at ” las Brasas ” with Renee from travel lushes. make sure you check her out make sure you subscribe. She does really, excellent travel videos. Some of the best that I’ve seen on YouTube. really helpful really well edited and just yet it’s, very professional. So I have something to aspire, to and I think she needs some cool fan’s. check her out she’s doing some fun stuff, see where she’s headed next, see what she’s eating next. I hope we get to hang out again see you later

  1. The Hand That Bites

    hello brother, I am back in Bangkok in 3 weeks and would love to hook up with you and Mark for a food feast. Let me know if you're interested it would be a real honour for me. Have a great weekend

  2. Tosh T

    Renne seems very cool, DT. Mmmm. Love Peruvian cuisine…pretty much every imaginable dish served in U.S. restos. On the lookout for cuy. 😀 May have to get to Lima one day for that. Excellent video! 👍

  3. Sam Was Here

    Love seeing vloggers I regularly watch getting together for videos 😀 Awesome vlog guys 🙂 I'm surprised that the drink tasted like mulled wine, the chicken looked sooooo good!

  4. Pierina Isabel

    Pollo a la brasa!! yummy :3 If you guys want spicy food, you should try Arequipa's food 😀 It's a city in the south of Peru, actually is well known for its gastronomy n.n

  5. Look Who's Blogging

    hey, cool to see two people from the group collab!! and cool that you guys actually knew each other from school! anyway, hope to meet u guys in person some day!

  6. more2share

    Cool shots and edits at the beginning! Really cool, that you both know each other from highschool and collaborate together on youtube! Thats awesome! The food and the drink looked awesome! And the quinoa desert… i wanna have it right now 😀

  7. Colin Bloodworth

    Great collaboration! Nice to meet Renne. I'll definitely go check her channel out. Not much better than amazing crispy-skinned juicy chicken.

  8. Feel Good Lost TRAVEL

    Nothing beats tender tender chicken! I can never cook it that good haha I personally love spicy food! I would love to try 🙂

  9. Chris Sandoval

    Wow the food is so much cheaper in the south, in the north a plate is like 20 bucks and it tastes nothing like the original plates -_- Guess I have to move now lol

  10. Adolfo Briceno

    I am glad that you had tasted Peruvian food in Peru because the Peruvian food that you can find here in the US doesn't come close to the variety and quality that you can find in Lima, Peru. Why am I saying that? Because in the past 10 years Peruvian food had spread exponentially throughout Latin American and many parts of the world. Peru is a country where 15 years ago there were hardly any cooking schools but now every years 80,000 students that graduate from cooking schools. Ten years ago you might had laugh of me if I had told you that a Peruvian restaurant in Lima would rank No.4 in the world for two years in a row and a Peruvian restaurant will open its doors in one of the most exclusive sections of Paris, France next to Prada and Louis Vuitton. As you had experienced during you visit to Peru, this growth in quality and variety of Peruvian food is happening at all levels and not only at fancy restaurants. Remember those Peruvian donuts with syrup that you showed in one of your videos from Peru? You can't find them here in New York yet they are very popular there in Peru.

  11. Dwight Turner

    Dwight, you need to takes some drone videos of the parts of the cities you are in. Drones really spruce up videos. Hope you can get one.

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