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Making this mother’s day one to remember is easy Thanks to the team at metricon join their interior designers & the gang from Mastic for an interactive cooking & Style masterclass That’ll have you whipping up a face mum, or love let’s give you a taste of what you’ll experience an interactive style extravaganza So travis for people who haven’t been to mastic in queue tell us about the menu what makes it so special Sort of a healthy whole foods kind of cap aim, you know healthy dishes like simple salads Fish just cooked simply and on simple my skill level when it comes to cooking would be considered pretty basic are some of the dishes that you’re preparing here would you consider the hard or easy to put together very very simple I think a Lot of a lot of the dishes you can prepare ahead so things like the chia pudding you can make that the day before The fish can be pre-portioned the taramosalata can be [pre] made Even the Spanakopita can be rolled the day before and just baked in the oven Just into what I love about these table settings Is that they’re inspired by metric oninzar interior design skins from the fork so tell us a bit more about this one? so this particular one is based form Maison classic or Perhaps our new Mineral see it for this particular style We really wanted to focus on it being mother’s day And you know so we really wanted to bring in floral so the beautiful Floral arrangements just in the gorgeous little jobs and the beautiful dinnerware that we’ve provided here as well We’re just that touch of their floral coming through This table setting feels quite high in the quite luxurious tell us about the look book themes It’s inspired by so this particular table setting is inspired by our Black label which is quite sophisticated quite, Elegant quite timeless so we really wanted to play on that factor and does that sense of Sophistication make this one good for branch as well as a nighttime event Yes, definitely although. We were playing around with a brunch. We still set it up, and if it was a bit more of a Time sort of feel with the with a set menu like about like when you go to a restaurant This table setting feels quite earthy and quite rustic Where’s the inspiration for this one come from the inspiration for this one Chris is probably something like our nordic elk or our urban organic? Lookbook scenes and so yeah, it is quite rustic a lot of warm timbers have been brought into it and beautiful herds, too I was just going to mention that cuz there are some beautiful natural elements to this long How do you bring that into the tablecloth yeah even things like? Simple pieces of Rosemarie set in in between the napkins is a beautiful touch for this look And I love that a lot of the stuff that’s on the table Top comes courtesy of freedom so it’s easy enough for people locally to go and source of themselves to it does Chris yet or everything That’s on the table is all for freedom More design and decorating ideas this mother’s day and Beyond jump on to Metrocon to look book at Metrocon Com Au and we’ll see you at the next event you

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