SUB) 볶음라면(stir spicy ramen)을 만들어 먹어보았습니다! korean food cooking, Eating sounds l 간단요리 l 마이키췬

Egg fried ramen Egg fried ramen Slippers Ready! I’ll choose vegetables Green onion One Two Spicy pepper please One please Sorry. (Plane noise) 2 spicy peppers! widely! Ramen onion garlic Spicy pepper Green onion Scallion onion slice-slice-slice-slice garlic Wow comment subscribe! good!! sugar 1tbs soy sauce 1tbs water 2tbs oyster sauce 0.5tbs ramen soup 0.7tbs

00:01:47,000 –>00:01:47,980
cooking oil Green onion oil Onion & Garlic Stir-fry egg Salt slightly I’ll boil the noodles! (tak) Fxxking! !!!!! ?? Ramen Boil only 70% cotton Sizzling Sizzle I’ll rinse the boiled noodles in cold water once Shake off (De-de-de) Spicy red pepper and chives Put the sauce you just made together shake it, shake shake it, shake shake it You can mix it (noises)(noises) egg Lid covering 1 minute on low I’ll eat it Egg yolk ~~ ~~ (Ah~) (oh my god!!!!!) (Hoo-woop) (Wu-Urupuruluup) (Um ~) (Spicy because of spicy) (hoo–) (2stage– hoo) (3-stage combo) It was so hot that I ate with Water Kimchi roll roll Roll it up ~ Perfect for a bite! Hot (interjection) Inhaling I’ve had enough! (Fullness) the banana milk wow! so gooooood! (Haaaa- I’m full) When are you going to wash the dishes over there?(sad) Bonus video this! Anyone who’s not me ??! Thank you for watching! Subscribe and like Please!

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