Sweet Potato Gnocchi | healthy vegan paleo recipe

so today I’m teaching you guys how to
make delicious sweet potato gnocchi it’s gluten free vegan delicious and what’s
great is that you can meal prep it in advance freeze a bunch and then just
have it with your favorite sauce as a side or whatever it is and I love that
it’s only three ingredients you’re gonna love this recipe it’s quick to make
delicious so let’s go ahead and get right into it so for the gnocchi you’re
going to need a baked sweet potato I simply baked mine in the oven for about
an hour at 400 until it’s nice and soft then you just mash it up with a fork you
can definitely cut it into cubes and do it in the blender but it will come
easily with a fork as well once that’s all meshed up I’m adding in some casts
of the flour loaded with fiber some Himalayan salts just for a little bit of
flavor and then we’re gonna fold that together so the great thing about sweet
potato it’s actually more nutrient dense than your regular white potato all that
orange is loaded with beta-carotene good for your immune system vitamin A for
your eyes you definitely want to keep your eyes nice and healthy and then the
cast of flour is grain free which is perfect so you take out some of the
dough once it’s all combined and then I’m just rolling it with my hands and
you cut it into little gnocchi shapes with a knife so as you guys can see it’s
really super easy to get rid of the dough roll it out and then you cut it
off into the little gnocchi chunks a great thing about this is that you can
make this big batch of it and then I like to look freeze them and little
individual pouches so that I can have them for meals throughout the week or
for later on in the coming weeks so I definitely suggest making a batch like
this and then whenever you’re ready you can either boil them or you can cook
them on the pan I like to do them on the pan because I like them nice and crispy
but if you’re doing it more in like our tomato sauce and you can definitely just
boil them and put them in the sauce either way they’re definitely very
delicious they make a great side or main meal plus it’s only three ingredients
they’re paleo vegan super delicious and definitely a good staple all right guys
I hope you enjoyed this video I’m gonna leave my healthy recipes playlist right
here so you can get lots of more recipes from me you definitely don’t want to
miss it there’s lots of delicious things in there definitely all about healthy
delicious food because food can be delicious and still be good for you so I
hope you enjoyed it this video and I will see you in the next one bye guys

  1. Vittoria Zuccaroli

    I'm Italian and very happy to hear the right pronunciation of the GN in gnocchi- yay! Everyone seems to get it wrong! 😂😂😂

  2. Jamie Janine

    I always love your videos! I've tried a few of your recipes & I've got to say you are my favorite paleo cook I've ever found on the internet! Thanks for actual easy and genuinely good for you recipes & for your esthetic. Ugh that's really hard to find with paleo youtubers too. Love your content!!

  3. Jennifer L

    Can not wait to try this recipe. Can cassava be replaced with almond flour? I LOVE your videos! You are so succinct and turning me into a knowledgeable healthy cook/eater. Thank you!

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