1. Bellishen

    Rhett and Link are you going for dinner tonight or maybe tomorrow night or maybe just after dinner and then I will have to take you home

    My amazing predictive text 😂😂

  2. soccerchamp0511

    My husband and I had a pig pickin' for our Rehearsal Dinner 😀 We were having a small wedding, so my uncle just bought a half hog. But you can still get a whole hog, just ask Rodney Scott in Charleston.

  3. Hakuo

    Rhett and Link are you doing today count on me and I can't think of the company and I can't think of the company and I can't think of the company and I can't think of the company and I can't think of the company and I can't think of the company

  4. katey swander

    I lived in NC for a few years, and for my mom and stepdad's wedding we had a pig picking, that was in 2017. We always had pig pickings for big events.

  5. A Dose Of Skits

    “Rhett and link is a super nice thing for me and my friend to play with him for sure I wanna is it to be serious.” ~ My phones predictive text

  6. eimajunknown

    Predictive text: Rhett and Link are the time for a great time with your friends in a great mood today and I love y’all and all of my beautiful friends

  7. Jokers W¡ld

    Honestly if she was behind me I wouldn’t mind. It would give me a chance to actually talk to her. She’s one of my favorite parts of the show so honestly it would be more exciting than scary 😆

  8. Anhel Rajikova

    How could it be possible to have 700 people at a wedding? Is this a normal thing in the USA? We have that many people at some smaller rock concerts

  9. Brooklynn Khaios

    Spicy candy is the absolute best! I love the chili pepper shaped gummies and suckers. I've had the spicy Skittles and spicy starburst which are amazing. I need to go find the gushers now! Thanks for the tip!

  10. Megan Lamb

    I’ve had the Hawaiian chip and it tastes like lays bbq chips with a kick and a little more honey taste to them so idk what happened to their chips but mine tasted amazing

  11. Amanda Herfurth

    Rhett and Link are the time for you guys who have been there to be the best friend of the world and the world will have a chance for me and I can see it.

  12. CandiB Sweet

    When you can't remember if you've actually had it orrrrr if it's just a memory of watching others, specifically Rhett and Link, eat it…?? 😕😏🤔

  13. Kandice Jameson

    You guys must have gotten a bad bag of those Hawaiian Barbecue chips. Those are my favorite chips of all time! Give them a chance at redemption!

  14. Westley Knee

    My lung collapsed about 6 months ago and I knew almost right away and I couldn't stand up straight and I couldnt take a full breath but mine was a 70 percent collapse so it was a lot but you can tell

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