Taco Bell® Fully Loaded Steak Boss Wrap Review

Today, we’re looking at the Boss Wraps from Taco Bell… It’s time for Food Snot This is my lovely wife Renae. which one do you have? I have the steak and potato. I got the fully loaded – let’s open these babies and see what they look like. Can I give a shoutout to my brother while we do this? Sure. He used to work at Taco Bell. Your brother worked at Taco Bell? Hi Eric…. You have to ask your brother this if he worked at Taco Bell. I’ve heard the way they close the crunchwrap is they put like a plastic bag over their boot and there is one guy who steps on them in the back. Yeah that’s what my brother used to do. He was a stepper….okay. Mine is the steak and potato – I’ve got the fully loaded but first we’re going to compare them to a regular crunchwrap. Now here’s a regular … annnnd they all look the same. This is like about 5 percent lighter. Yeah they’re almost the same. Yeah. Alright so should we give these a try? Let’s go for it. I got nothing but bread with that bite, I’m going in for a big bite. I know I just got potato, I’m waiting for the steak. I need a man bite now. Wanna dance? I have a confession to make – I may be the only person in America that is not a huge fan of crunchwraps. This isn’t … it’s not doing it for me. It’s okay but there’s not much flavor going on here. There’s like no steak in mine. Mine is the steak and potato and they should just name it potato. She didn’t give us napkins. It’s probably because they were so busy. Oh you guys gotta see the footage of how busy they were at Taco Bell. Roll the footage. I have a question for you. Okay. Do you ever wake up in the morning next to me and think .. I just slept next to a bald guy all night ? uhhhhh .. everyday. Oh okay. too many potatoes in there? Tooo many potatoes. Alright Taco Bell, too many potatoes and not enough steak in that one. The fully loaded one is loaded with everything but flavor. It’s not terrible .. but it’s not that good. That one it’s like they shoved a salad in a crunchwrap. Now we’re going to compare the original crunchwrap to these fully loaded boss wraps. The original is so much better and it’s not all loaded down with potatoes. The original one is seriously … you’re right it’s better than the other 2. And I want to tell you something. I would never share this with anyone but you. Not because I love it so much that I don’t want to share it – but because I’m a germ-o-phob. But I like your germs. here. take it. thank you? You’re welcome. Yeah I think the consensus is that we both like original crunchwrap more than these loaded – hey! How did you get a taco? where did you get that from? We bought the kids tacos and she stole a taco. I’ll take a taco any day over one of these things. I know I’d rather just have a taco than any of the crunchwrap stuff. I think we should end this video soon… can I have a kiss? You asked me for a kiss on a video? I’m not going to … I can’t kiss you on a video. You can edit it out. I’m not going to edit it out. So let me know if you guys have tried these Boss Wraps and what you think of it because Renae and I thumbs down … ain’t working for us. So let us know in the comments below. Also, if you want us to review anything – I’d like to have her on once in a while. She gives it some looks because you are used to this so. and I like her. We’re friends so we do things together. Wanna do it at the same time? Ok are you ready? I’m the Food Snot signing off. So long. Ohhhhh a wardrobe malfunction. So, we live in Las Vegas and what that means is people think we live in a hotel. They all think we live in a hotel. Especially because I’m blonde. You guys are from Vegas? Where do you live? In a hotel? Oh there’s some houses there too. You make video in Las Vegas? They think I make the wrong kind of videos. Yeah they think we’re making nasty videos instead of … nasty videos. about nasty food…yes about nasty food like the crunchwraps. just say no to crunchwraps.

  1. Herfortz

    A STEPPER ??? …… My brother used to form the patties at McDonalds on an assembly line …. He was an Arm Pitter …. They liked him at first because he was a double armer. and they'd get double the product from him at the same wage …… Eventually, they had to let him go as other employees were mistaking the sounds that he would emit as the break buzzer and he refused to wear the regulation PIT PADS !!!!!

  2. Eric Peter Schwartz

    See, I can't imagine living that close to Mexico and eating at Taco Bell. LOL I'm sure there's far more authentic stuff that's easier to find. Hell, I live two blocks from an outstanding taco place. I loved Taco Bell for a long time but… when the Dorito dust started going on I thought… um… do I want Mexican food or pseudo Mexican gimmicks? I get the Taco Bell love it's just not for me any more..

  3. Nancy Marie

    You make a cute couple, along, with a great video together.. I have never tried this wrap, I really do not eat at Taco Bell.. I heard their food, is processed with so much, salt and fat.. You both look great , by the way..

  4. Whitfield's Food Revue

    I knew it!! THey are damn near the exact same as their normal run of the mill crunchwrap… that's exactly what we said too. It's just seriously a reason to charge $5 for a crunchwrap and we also like the original better! The avocado ranch was tasty, but it had almost no steak and was anemic as hell and the tater one just looked awful so we avoided it lol Love watching the dynamics between you two, hilarious!

  5. MaskedImposter

    I kinda like the breakfast crunchwraps. The regular crunchwraps are ok, which is how I would describe most of taco bell food. Nothing special, but ok.

  6. Michelle Vlogs

    Sorry you didn't care for it….I try to stay away from TB! Loved seeing you two interact…don't think I've ever seen you really act like a couple before…I loved it! Heart you both! 🙂

  7. mOOnDustShow

    Oh there is really houses in L.A. ? I'm almost greatfull that we don't have TacoBell around in our country ! You both are hilarious :))) ☆•*•.¸¸☆•*´¨`•.¸¸.☆•*•.¸¸☆•´­¨`*•.¸¸.☆•*•.¸¸☆ (((◯◯))) ♥ 23

  8. vanessa Herron


  9. yllekr123

    Great review, I was going to try them tomorrow, thin I will pass on them now.  Think I will go to Tasty Tacos instead.  They don't have the variety that Taco Bell does, but they have great tacos!

  10. ImTheDaveman

    Other than the fact I expected You or Renae one (or both in duet) To do a Snoop Dawg Wrap about da Boss Wrap I enjoyed this Food Snawt Rebiew. I hate Snoop Dawg Wrap but Im sure you two could rock it. I havent been to a Taco Bell since Sly Stalone decided to eat a Rat Burger instead. Tacos are bester. And who knows – maybe one day Taco Bell will roll out a Rat Taco. We can only hope.

  11. Liam Donafee

    I agree 100% man these sucked! Fully loaded barely had anything on it ! In my video you even saw there wasn't much anything on it and the potato one was dry so I had to add nacho cheese! They were good when I combinded them but the original crunch wrap is the bestn taco bells steak sucks! GREAT REVIEW! Couldn't agree more

  12. George McVlog

    Haha. Renae look nervous about trying those! At least they have the word Boss in them. But, I think these would be too greasy for me. This was possibly more of a food challenge? 😀

  13. My Life Hows

    w00t! I think the basic hard tacos are the only things edible there and that's a stretch. That boss wrap looks like a bunch of dough with the tortilla volume. Love to see you and Renae in a video again, reminds me of FSAC days.
    BTW, did you sell the Funeral Service Assoc of Canada the hashtag??

  14. Parmesana

    Hadn't been to Taco Bell for a long time. Decided to get some TB…was not impressed. TB used to be my go to place when I have a pocket of change as the food was the most reasonable priced (cheap) food around. Not only, was it blah..but the price was terribly high..was disappointed.

  15. sclogse1

    This time a got a little hit of Johnny Carson and Carol Wayne. Next Halloween you guys should do them for a video…

  16. Carl's Old Record Club

    Hmm i could do with one of them right now Tom, i think it's now time to raid my fridge lol, thanks for sharing mate, it's a real good one ★★★★★… Carl

  17. Canadian Studmuffin

    I woke up sleeping to a bald guy once, but luckily it was just a dream. Don't worry, I don't think it was you.
    I had the fully loaded Boss Wrap before and it was pretty bad.

  18. SeeHow The Sea Cow

    One time SeeHow swam into this lagoon and there was some of that slimy frog egg stuff and it was tangled together with some sea clover and some musk grass with that green algae stuff. I see how you should try that kind of crunch wrap. SeeHow loved it.

  19. Yan Hakim

    Ok so I saw your name on Ken Domik KBD Production channel and decided to give your channel a try. Got to say great work guys…me like a lot, subscribed and now I have a lot of catching up to do lol

  20. BioLogicalEX1 - アニメの反応とゲーム

    I haven't tried it yet but I'm still looking forward to it. And the taco bell scene LMAO. You wasn't kidding, It was busy with full of hairs and tables XDDDDD

  21. swampzoid

    How'd you get a pretty wife ? I mean, not that you're not that attractive or anything but she looks like a rock stars wife or something. By the way, I've been to Las Vegas. I like Red Rock Canyon a lot.

  22. theendorsement

    ha!! this was sooo funny! !! great video guys… LAS VEGAS!!! my home away from home. . love it!!! and loved the banter in this video!!! Thanks for sharing! #doubledown

  23. Cheeky Tam

    Why is Renea just so adorable. I'd like a job as a stepper. Crunch wraps I've never had one. So busy how ever did you manage to get served. Loaded with everything but flavour haha I'd still try it. I like your germs haha. I think I'd prefer a taco than a wrap

  24. Peep THIS Out!

    Current Taco Bell App promo right now gets you 1/2 Off your order up to $10 using Visa Checkout! Scored this one for $2.50! I liked the Fully Loaded version! Been meaning to tell 'ya…You guys are HILARIOUS together! Great review! 👍😆

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