Thank You! [CHHS Scholarship Brunch 2017]

– Scholarship dollars
make a difference both in acknowledging our
best students and also creating opportunities
for students to look at a life beyond a university
through a university. – Coming to CSU was just
an incredible opportunity in the first place and
much less, getting support to come here just meant
the world and actually made it possible for
me to leave the pattern of a small town and
nobody going to college to come to CSU and have so
many great opportunities. – Being a first year nursing
student and not knowing what college is gonna be like
and not even feeling like I was able to afford it, and
being able like, I could first come to college and then
continue on with college. You’ve really helped me
just get this education that I’m so grateful for. – To my donors I wanna
say thank you so much and I really appreciate
everything that this scholarship has helped me achieve. – When you give people
assistance and you help them build on that, the talents they possess only great things can happen from that. – The College of Health and Human Sciences from my perspective is a vibrant college that identifies the wellbeing of people in their communities and
the ways we can impact that. – Know why you’re here and
what impact you’re gonna have because everybody that you interact with needs to be better served
by time spent with you. – I’ve always had this
passion for helping people. – I hope to become a
registered dietician some day. – I want to help design
schools and gear it towards younger children and make
their spaces in their schools really work for them and
something that they can really thrive in. – It just means the world to have somebody that believes in me,
believes in my future, believes in my capabilities and you know, on the days that I don’t
feel like I’m good enough to be here at CSU or get
through that extra hard class it’s just so reassuring
to know that somebody has already invested in my goal. – Every time that I think about CSU I think positive thoughts and I hope that everybody who currently is a student has the same type of memories I have 40 years later. – Appreciate the time
that you have here at CSU and to extend your
appreciation to our donors. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you, on behalf of the college.

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