The Bitchy Brunch

Oh my gawd. Oh my god. Oh my gawwwd! Oh my goood! Oh my god! OHMYGOD! Oh… my god, Tes! You are such a slut, for trying to hit on
my boyfriend all the time. Oh my god, I’m pretty sure he’s the one chasing after me. Then why do you keep sending him pictures of your fat ass then!? I’m providing a service for boyfriends whose girlfriends don’t have thick asses. So… you’re welcome. Oh…my gawd… I can’t believe you just said that. Is this what this is all about? Are you jealous of my thick ass? I’m not jealous of your fat ass Tes! You’re a ho! Everyone is a ho! Everyone is trying to hit on my boyfriend! Oh my god Breanna…I think you need a reality check. No one is after your underage boy toy. [Gasp] Except for Bianca… …but I think there is something really wrong with her Actually, Bianca is really [bleep] weird. She’s so weird! But her aside, so many other girls are hitting on Brody too. Like this [bleep] Amie Mariah, at VidCon was all over him. Like…what…a slut. Oh my god, Amie is such a slut. She started hitting on Johnny! Oh my god! Do you like Johnny? [intrigued] Oh my gawdd. Johnny is hot A F. He’s got this really ugly main ho though. But I’ll get rid of her soon. I’ll become the main ho. Wait… [angry] Don’t change the subject! You’re a slut too! We’re all sluts here, Breanna… or have you forgotten? What are you talking about? Oh my God, Breanna! We used to be the biggest hoes around…! … and then you got a boyfriend! What are you talking about? I’m still a basic ass ho. What do you see in him that is worth more than hoeing around!? Um… what do you mean? I bet you even love him. [Scoff] …No Deny it Breanna! Deny it that you love him! Uh Say it! I… I dont… …mind when he’s around. Oh my god! It’s true! You’re not the basic [bleep] I though you were Breanna! Uh, What are you talking about? You’re not even a basic ho! You’re a complicated loyal girlfriend. … Disgusting! Oh… my gawd! Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd. Oh my god! Oh my gawwwd! Oh my god, did you see that video about the pug last week? Oh my god! I loved that! I saw you tagged me in it… … it was so cute. It was so funny. Oh my god it was so cute. I loved it. So same time next week girlfriend? Oh, totally. Awesome! See ya bestie.

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