THE BOYS WHO BRUNCH – S1,Ep3 – “Better Friends Than Lovers”

Previously on The Boys Who Brunch So Mason did you call one? My husband’s name was Mason Every Sunday We would decide on something new That we were gonna do that week That’s what life is all about Mason I’m Mason Ray Mason? Chad It’s nice to finally meet you So just to reiterate and put it all out upfront I do have a boyfriend Well at least you are a disgusting smoker [laughter] He smokes, he smokes, he smokes There I’m no longer interested So what are you doing the rest of the night? [Sigh] This is definitely going to go down in the
record books I mean who meets a guy online and brings them
back To their place to play a board game Trivial Pursuit my friend Is far more than a board game You’ll see But after around 8 minutes The only thing I could see Was that I suck at this game And I think Chad was beginning to feel sorry
for me We could do something else? Like what? A few things come to mind What about the boyfriend? It’s an open relationship A don’t ask don’t tell sort of thing Um I was planning on saying no But OK But, Uh I don’t kiss Oh Like Pretty Woman? How about we try the game again? With time the sexual tension slowly dissipated And we began to discover a real friendship
hiding underneath Which brings us to Elliott We met at this open casting call for a children’s
musical That we both ended up booking And a month later one night after a performance I invited him over for some wine Never, not once? Nope never Wow how old are you? I’m 23 but I mean I’ve done lots of other stuff Like? Like blowjobs and stuff OK I hook up all the time Oh I mean I don’t hook up all the time You know what I mean I just I don’t know I’ve never felt the need to go all the way
I guess Interesting Well I’m not waiting on anything in particular Like marriage or anything I just never felt comfortable enough with
someone To want to go that far I don’t know Would you want to? Would I want to what? Help me get rid of my V card Oh Elliott I’m flattered but that’s a huge responsibility And I don’t think that we should… Are you sure? Yes I’m sure [music swelling] That night Elliott and I had sex like 10 times His skills definitely raise some suspicion
on the whole virgin thing But who am I to judge? We woke up the next morning and did it again One last time before heading to the theater No one in the cast suspected a thing And it wasn’t long after We also realized we were better friends than
lovers He says he’s thankful that I was his first I say what are friends for? Coming up on The Boys Who Brunch Who is this Marge person? Some crazy lady he met on the subway I once had a guy get me wasted Put me down on all fours Put a leash around my neck OK Announcement time boys I had an idea Maybe having some sort of goal for the weeks Or like a dare We can see who can find the biggest dick? So how does an open relationship work exactly? It depends on the rules you set Everyone’s different Ours just kind of happened What if we each had to call an ex? What?

  1. The Boys Who Brunch

    @TheCallMeCee Thank you SO MUCH!! 🙂 that means a lot. If we get the chance to shoot season 2, I promise the episodes will be LONGER! 🙂

  2. The Boys Who Brunch

    @pfahlguy Great point. Noted. Originally were going to air the episodes a month a part.. So, just to recap.. But, I can understand how if watching all at once, it could get old quickly. Next season will be better! Hope you come back 🙂

  3. The Boys Who Brunch

    THANK YOU SO MUCH crossdamon23!!! Your comment means SO MUCH! 😉 Love ya! Keep watching! Season 2 going into production OCT11! Please follow us on Twitter & LIKE us on Facebook and spread the word! <3

  4. Sawyer Averys

    I wish it actually show them having sex, then rushing it and kinda skipping past it and making it look silly, if their gonna have sex make it look real and interesting and if he's getting oral, make it look real, not fake, also I like the show, but I think it could be better, and I'm sorry if I'm coming off rude, I'm not trying to be also I'm not trying to make it about sex, but if there is gonna be some I'd like it to be a bit realistic and not be rushed

  5. Sydney G

    Hahahahaha…. I'm dying with laughter…. "Sorry I don't kiss" head gets pulled towards the junk for a steamy BJ and his eyes bulge wide with mixed emotions…."Oh like pretty woman " at that point I'm instantly dead… 😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👍👍👍

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