The Breakfast Buffet at the Cambria Hotel Anaheim is One of Our Faves!

The breakfast buffet at the Cambria Hotel
is a great way to fuel up before a long day of racing around the park. But does it take the cup? Stay tuned to find out in this Honest Hotel
Review. Hey everyone this is Julia with honest hotel
reviews and today I’m at the Cambria hotel at the Disneyland resort giving you our honest
review of their complimentary breakfast buffet. This video is not sponsored so if you find
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and let our conscience be your guide. The Cambria Hotel is one of the many hotels
in the Disneyland Area that serves up a complimentary Breakfast buffet to it’s guests. But what really makes this a front runner
is the freshness & quality of what they serve. Located next to the lobby level of the hotel,
the Cambria Hotel’s breakfast lounge serves up their delicious hot breakfast buffet to
guests 7 days a week. The hours vary depending on the day, but the
staff provided us with all the info we needed at check in. In fact, when we first arrived to check in
at the hotel at 9:30, we were actually offered breakfast that morning which was something
you don’t find at many hotels. we arrived right at the end of service only
about a month after the hotel officially opened. The staff did a great job of having just enough
food to keep it fresh for the number of guests there, and the breakfast area had plenty of
room to accommodate more guests once the hotel reaches full capacity. It was clear that everything in this buffet
was made fresh and was one of the high quality. The proof is in the eggs, the quality of the
scrambled eggs usually reflects the quality of the whole breakfast buffet. Not only did they offer freshly cooked scrambled
eggs that were not pre-packaged, rubbery or over salted, they also offered scrabbled egg
whites which is a unicorn in the free breakfast buffet world. Their other hot dishes were delicious hash
browns, Canadian bacon, vegetarian breakfast sausage and No Disneyland area breakfast is
complete without Mickey waffles and the Cambria hotel did not disappoint. They also served soft shell tortillas, salsa
& cheese so we could make a delicious breakfast burrito. They served freshly cut pineapple, and strawberries
with grapes and even offered full bananas, oranges and apples. They had breads and pastries as well as a
variety of cereals, milks, teas, coffees and juices. But to top it all off, they offered one of
our favorite juices, POG! Which is passion fruit, orange, guava juice
aka Hawaii in a glass. This breakfast had all of our favorite food
items that actually gets us excited about a free breakfast buffet which is why it’s
one of our top picks. The breakfast here is just like the rest of
the cambria hotel. It’s new, it’s fresh, it has a lot to
offer and it doesn’t disappoint. For more information on the Cambria Hotel,
check out our room tour video and our overall hotel review video showcasing all of their
amazing hotel amenities. If you’re considering other hotels in the
Disneyland area we post new videos every week. Head over to our youtube channel or check
us out at for more hotel recommendations and travel tips. I’m Julia and this was another honest hotel

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    Question of the day: What is the ONE thing you always hope for from a free breakfast? For me, it's POG!!!! lol Thanks for watching!

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