The Food Label and You: Road Food (Finding Nutrition Information on the Road)

One of the hardest times to get nutritional information and
make good choices is when you’re away from home. And when you’re
hungry and in a hurry, it’s easy to order
without thinking. Oh, excuse me. May I help you, sir? Yes, ma’am.
I’m hungry and I’m in a hurry. Let me get a supersize
burger, supersize fries, supersize milkshake, super-fast. I want everything on it
on the double, please. Sir, I have to warn you
that this meal runs the risk of throwing your diet
off balance. There’s a lot of fat
and added sugar, and unless you plan on
burning those calories off, you may want to consider
ordering something else. How am I supposed to
know what’s in the food? I mean, this is a restaurant. It’s not like they have food
labels on the menu out here. Well, some restaurants do
provide nutritional information. It’s on the web or inside the
restaurant and some actually do print it on the menu. But the best advice I can give
you when you’re craving foods that are deep fried or really
high in sugar is to follow what my mother always used to say,
everything in moderation. Hmm, my mom used
to say that too. So, make your
choice based on that. Well, in that case,
give me a small order. I think that is
a great choice, sir. Thank you.
Thank you. And remember, you can sometimes
find nutritional information on restaurant food to make good
choices when you eat out. Yes, there will be
a quiz on this later.

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