1. Elizabeth Shaw

    I was once roasting a chicken and it was nearly done. A woman knocked on my door that I didn't know and we opened the door and she said I don't know what you're cooking but it smells Divine and I can smell it all the way out in the street! I invited her into chat because she was a neighbor and I offered her some of the chicken to take home I only feed myself. She declined being nice and then left after a little while. I never saw her again but I never roasted a chicken again there either. It was really cool!

  2. Christian Roberson

    See they had me until the said don't clean it first, sorry but if you know how to clean and disinfect your kitchen (which you're supposed to do anyways) then you'll be fine. So I'm still gonna do that 😂

  3. khaleesi-394

    How is a lack of flavor better than not dried out skin? Also, wet brining and drying it off with paper towels is way better if you really wanna make sure the meat isn’t dried out AND it’s not too salty. Really, the only thing they did right during prepping was not washing it (something that would be even less necessary with a wet brine).

  4. Kei Owada

    I don't know, i saved this video to my playlist everytime i want to get angry, this video just makes me angry, tasty you can do better than this, please make another video of this with another chef. This is such a joke for you.

  5. इन्द्र नील

    Why are you talking so much about that crispy skin? When you will take a bite, the bite is gonna have 95% actual chicken and 5% skin. So skin doesn't matter much. I think the real chicken should be juicy.

  6. abby pinkard

    So… washing your chicken will contaminate the rest of your kitchen?! Do you think people put their chicken on the ground and spray it with a hose? Wash your damn chicken in the sink and when you're done wash the sink with Clorox. NOONE I know would eat this nasty unwashed chicken. Health department in Belize would take away your food handlers license.

  7. abby pinkard

    Tasty???? More like Tasteless! People care more about flavor than crispy skin… if you put enough seasonings on the outside when it bakes it'll still give you crispy skin. 🙄 you need to visit the Caribbean the old people here will gladly teach you a thing or two about texture and flavor.

  8. paola jones

    I Dissed this vid so much …BUT i tried the exact same recepie ( I washed the chicken tho)followed all the steps in this vid and I hate to admit, IT WAS SO GOODDD ,,,😫😫AMAZING , I Totally recommended it

  9. R James

    I always wash chicken with the juice of 2 lemons realy rub it in all over and let it sit for 5min. then a rinse with water and then I dry pad the whole thing as well… works every time and I roast the chicken longer to ensure it's realy done 1h and 20min.

  10. Rae Ant

    If I wanted crispy skin I'll eat fried chicken. I'll take juicy and well-spiced chicken over this salt and pepper blandness any day. I like mine stuffed with lemongrass, chicken buillon garlic cloves and bay leaf (sometimes I stuff chorizo in there) and I rub the skin with lemon, salt, pepper, butter or olive oil and then bake over a bed of potatoes and when it cooks the juice is released and the potatoes suck it all up.

  11. Gwen Marie


  12. Random Lindey66

    Does the tip with the carrots and the onions underneath the chicken when you cook it still work but with turkey? It would be great for thanksgiving

  13. Child Star

    i bet it isnt tasty….
    you want to sacrifice everything that makes it delicious just to have a crispy skin….
    just make a fried chicken if its all u want to have

  14. Mohammed Al-Qizwini

    I followed this recipe to the letter and the chicken turned out amazing, crispy skin all around and soooooo yummy and juicy meat. Thank you so much!!

  15. Evie Addy

    What a load of crap. Salt, pepper, lemon zest and thyme. Make a rub from all of it. And always us a trivet for the best Gravy. Never mind a side dish those veggies are to help flavour a gravy. And my rule of thumb is 20 mins per pound at 180℃ fan. Also don't forget to cut the wing tips off and add them to the trivet under the bird. I would normally not trouble a whole bird cause I'm only cooking for 2. at the moment so I just stick to whole legs. They are best for flavour whatever you do with them.

  16. Peter Düttmann

    You can clearly see the breast is overcooked. THe chicken had to bo seared on a pan thighs down and then thrown into the oven till the breast is just cooked and juicy.

  17. Sajid Wahid

    I never cook roast chicken. Why? Can't season it properly + it's still going to have to be carved! I'll stick with well seasoned chicken pieces that have been marinated overnight. What would the west use if India didn't have pepper?

  18. Nicely

    Chicken does not need to be washed people. This is from Grandma's time when butchering and storing for sale did not have the hygienic and sanitizing technique standards of today. Go ahead and keep wasting your time and risk those raw juices getting on your sinks where you wash your dishes.

  19. Gucci cashier

    Turkey friend: "hey Timmy what's up?"
    Timmy the turkey: "aye man not good a human just roasted me"
    Turkey friend: "so was the roast hot or lame?"

  20. dcpotomac20850

    Lot of comments are from those didn’t even try this method which is probably started with chief Thomas Keller. The dried brine actually adds a lot of flavor and locks in moisture. The high temp at 450 actually works very well with medium sized chicken. The most important factors for cooking are temperature and time for a given material and size, second is salt and fat. Acid, aromatics, different spices and flavorings come after.

  21. Lemons2 Lemonade

    This is why food poisoning is at an all time high!! Because “WE DONT NEED TO WASH OUR CHICKEN” or believe in good hygiene anymore 👿👺☠️💀👎🙀😿

  22. Jonathan Zirkle

    Anyone interested in saving money on food needs to learn how to roast chicken now.

    My fiance and I roasted a chicken this past sunday and from the leftovers and scraps, making stock from the bones, we are probably going to get a week's worth of food for 2 people out of less than 10 dollars.

  23. Nathan Glasspool

    Being the family cook and having roasted countless chickens I would have to disagree with almost everything she said. Soften butter and add chopped fresh thyme rosemary . Salt and pepper. Mix and stuff the herb butter under the skin saving a little to smother the bird. Cut a lemon in half and stuff the whole lemon in the cavity. Cook at 175c for 1 hour 20 for small bird on a trivet of route veg. Easy . Crispy skin guaranteed and moist succulent meat. Plenty of juices for gravy. Done!

  24. • Camila R. •

    Soooo… What am i supposed to do with this if i throw the skin away before cooking and people in my family can't eat salt AND pepper?

  25. Adam Blakley

    Fool proof: Make sure you rest it 8 hours in the fridge. No way, plenty of ways to make a nice roast chicken without having to plan it the day before. Far from necessary

  26. nagrant

    You are a nasty bitch! Your chicken must be wash. In fact, every meat you cooked must be washed. I wouldn't want to be your husband or boyfriend. Poor guy. You should be ashamed to even say something like that publicly. Your excuse for not washing your chicken is sick to the core. Contamination!! Contamination my ass! You are washing your chicken in your sink, how can you spread contamination? All you do is wash your sink well with soap. There is absolutely no excuse for not washing your chicken. I wouldn't want to eat from you. You are a nasty person! You turned me off so badly I couldn't even finish watching the video! If for nothing else, you wash your chicken since it has been fondled by so many people who prepared it. That chicken did not prepare itself. And who knows where their hands have been? Some people go to the toilet and never wash their hands. These are some of the people handling our foods. We have a responsibility to wash the food we brought home from the supermarket whether it is meat, fish or produce. You need a lesson in cleanliness. Like I said before or if I didn't say it…I feel sorry for the man in your life who has to eat your cooking! If I were you, i would take this video down to avoid further embarrassments!! "Never wash your chicken!" Oh, LORDY!!!

  27. R O

    People complain about bacteria spreading like bleach does not exist 🙄 like clean ur meat then clean ur sink lazy. Been done in my family for years and never have gotten sick and I will do it this way when I have one of my own

  28. Peter Pidrak

    Are used this recipe but one thing I’m tried was putting a light year all of the homemade croutons that you can buy at the grocery store on the bottom of the pan with just a little bit all rub off butter and one cup of chicken broth.

    I first made the “black out of slab of onion so I wound up with a really tasty stuffing.

    Also, if you do you like your me juicier cook it upside down for the first 15 or so minutes then flip it back over.

  29. Lauren smith

    Get the fuck outta here with that salt and pepper shit nasty ass shit no flavor I’m using lawrys seasoning salt paprika onion and garlic powder.

  30. Scribes for Subscribers

    I'm sorry "Tasty" but Salt and Pepper is not #AllYouNeed smh. It's a Sad day in America when food channels give ya the oki dook on seasoning food. #CestLivé #WoeIsMe but keeps watching to grind through the cringe parts of this video. #oneEyeOpen

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