The Tastee Diner Story

[Background noise] [Music Playing] I am a manager. It’s actually my family’s
restaurant, and it has been since 1971. We have three restaurants: the Silver Spring,
Bethesda, and one in Laurel. I’ve been back for the past 20 years solid working
for my dad and trying to carry on the Tastee Diner legacy. It can be a bit hard
at times, but, you know, you have to love what you do, and I do. You know we’re
open 24/7 so people always have a place to go. I do believe that it is very
important to the community. We have a lot of locals. I might complain sometimes on
holidays or early mornings where I’d rather sleep in, but I don’t know, when I
get to work and I talk to the customers and see how everyone’s doing, it’s a
good feeling. E verybody knows everybody. We all speak, and we all, you know, it’s really like a family because they’re so traditional,
they get repeat customers. I think there’s something good to be said about a place that where all our burgers are cooked fresh to
order, you know, it’s not frozen. I mean, it’s really a lot of homemade meals. We have really good chefs. Just pancakes, french toast,
home fries, eggs, I mean all day long 24/7. I mean it’s — there’s so many favorites. In
the 1980s they were going to close us down, and it was before we were the
historical building that we became, and the Discovery building — they were coming over and they were gonna just rip us down, and they did a petition, and all the
local people in the neighborhood signed it saying, “Save our diner, we, you know, we don’t want to lose it, and then I guess it was probably at that time that they
declared the building as a historical building. A lot of restaurants you go to
now, I mean, now I know technology is taking over, and people are, you know,
putting their orders in, and you know and that’s cool and fine and dandy, but it’s
so robotic to me that I think people enjoy coming in and, like, I can say, “Hey
Susie, how was your vacation? You know, you still want your usual?” And people like that, that you’re not herding them in and out like, you know, like sheep. They’ve been
consistent since 1935. They haven’t changed their menu, They still make
old-fashioned milkshakes. It is a traditional restaurant. I mean,
with all this space they could be doing a lot more, but they don’t. They stay with
tradition, and that’s what I love. Since 1935, yes sir.

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