The World’s Only 7-Star Hotel Inside

Imagine you’re on vacation, and you decide
to splurge and stay at a 5-star hotel instead of the usual 3 star one, making you acutely
aware of the luxury you’ve been missing out on. But, what about a 7-star hotel!? Well, “lavish” and “extravagant” would
be understatements. So what would actually happen if you visited
a 7 star-hotel? It’s time to show you. But before I continue, let me know in the
comments what you think a 7-star hotel would be like. Let’s take the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. It’s recognized as a 7-star hotel. Though, it’s a 5-star hotel. But the way it got its impressive rating is
pretty interesting. A British journalist visited the luxurious
hotel during a press trip. When he left, he was so impressed by the standards,
service, and amenities, that he described it as a 7 star experience. Ever since, the exaggerated hotel rating has
been haunting the Burj Al Arab, but in a good way. The Burj Al Arab, which means “the Arabian
Tower”; has been voted as the best hotel in the world. And when we take a mini trip inside, you’ll
understand why. It took approximately 5 years to build, and
was finished in 1999. The reason it took so long to complete is
that it was constructed on an artificial island. It has a private bridge that connects the
hotel to the land, but only a few people have access to it; for example, hotel guests and
staff. It also has a very distinctive shape. The Architect designed it to resemble the
sail of a ship. Do you see it now? And on its roof, it has a helipad for the
private jet commuters. The hotel became so famous, that it’s now
the symbol of Dubai. Just like the Eiffel Tower is to France and
the Statue of Liberty to New York. Imagine you just landed at the Dubai International
Airport, and you have a room booked in the Burj Al Arab hotel. Here’s how things would go: You’ll be
given an option to either ride to the hotel or take a private helicopter. Both transportations are equally luxurious. So, let’s assume that you’d choose the
ride. The moment you exit the airport, a shiny white
Rolls Royce with a chauffeur will be waiting for you. La de da! As the car crosses the legendary bridge, you’ll
begin to understand what the hotel is all about. The view is magical. You can see the waters and the palm trees
sitting around the base of the building. The sail-like structure is built on sand. It’s just over 1000 feet tall, with 250
concrete columns. Each of them is approximately 5 feet in diameter,
and they dive to 148 feet below sea-levels. You’ll see the columns the moment you enter
the magical building. But you’ll soon get distracted by the 258,000
square feet of marble on the floor and walls. It’s called Statuario marble, and it’s
the same one Michelangelo used for his Renaissance sculptures. Walking around, you’ll see flashes of real
gold from every direction: In the decorations, on the furniture, even on the chandeliers. There’s 24-carat gold leaf covering more
than 22,000 square feet of the hotel’s interior. Even the borders of the TVs in your room and
the mirror frames have the Midas touch. Burj Al Arab has only 202 duplex suite rooms,
and some of them give their guests a rare view of Palm Jumeirah. After you’re welcomed by all the staff members
at the entrance and finish your check-in; you’re provided with an exclusive butler
for your suite. You won’t have to lift a finger. He’ll take you to your room and show you
around. There, you’ll be met with the interior decorations
that are both elegant and colorful. They’re inspired by the land, people, and
culture of Dubai. Many of the rooms have geometric patterns
that resemble the ones in Ancient Greece. They chose to use large columns that add a
palatial twist to the interior. But the colors are the best part. They’re inspired by fire, earth, air and
water. The suites are so big, it’ll take more than
30 minutes for the butler to show you around. The smallest suite is 1,830 square feet – which
is as big as a 4-bedroom house. And here’s the most interesting part. He’ll show you how everything works using
the latest technology: all the buttons, knobs, bits and bobs. If you decide to be more adventurous and book
one of the Royal Suites, you’re in for a big shock. Each of the suites are approximately 8,400
square feet, and they cover the whole floor. The beds rotate to whichever position you
want with the push of an electronic button. As you lie down, you’ll notice a life-size
mirror on top of you that’s as big as the diameter of the mattress. The super king size beds are covered in the
best quality Egyptian cotton sheets. In order to make sure that you get top-quality
sleep, the hotel does something extravagant: they present you with 17 varieties of pillows
to pick from. Well, now you understand how exhausting it
is to be royalty. After you’ve chosen your comfy pillow, you
move on to the bathroom. It’s decorated with colorful mosaics, and
a huge jacuzzi sits in the middle. On the sink counter, there are more than 10
varieties of Hermes toiletries and perfumes. Then, the butler will offer to unpack all
of your stuff while you rest. So, let’s go around and get another glimpse
of the hotel. Imagine you just left your room and are walking
down the hall. Your private butler will always be there to
greet you when you return. If other suites are occupied, there will be
a private butler outside each of those rooms. The hotel includes the famous award winning
Talise Spa, located on the 18th floor. All of its treatment rooms include extra-large
windows overlooking the ocean. But it gets even more glamorous. This palace has multiple swimming pools for
its guests – both indoors and outdoors. There are also swimming pools dedicated for
women and children. The most surprising thing is that they offer
a romantic moonlight swim. Let’s say you’re staying there with your
partner. You can book the whole swimming pool for you
and your loved one, and the hotel will arrange everything: floating candles, rose petals
covering the water, champagne and strawberries. There’s also a private beach for the guests
of the hotel, which is located at the opposite side of the bridge. It includes sunbeds along with some other
treatments that are complimentary. Most 5 five-star hotels usually have two dining
areas. This one has 6 restaurants and bars. I’ll take you through the best ones. Say you’ve woken up, and your butler is
taking you to the restaurant on the ground floor. You have the option to either sit indoors
or outdoors. There’s a variety of dishes to pick from
too; from a European breakfast to a Middle Eastern one. The best part is that everything is served
on a buffet, so you can mix and match. For lunch, you’re taken to the 27th floor
– The restaurants is called “Al Muntaha” which means “The highest”. The windows start from the floor, and stretch
all the way up to the ceiling. So, if you’re not a big fan of heights,
it’s not the best spot for you. It has a bluish interior that resembles the
ocean, and the ceiling has green and blue secret lighting that makes you feel like you’re
underwater. And if you think nothing can top that, wait
for the next one. At dinner, you can book a table at the Al
Mahara, which translates to Oyster Shell. You’ll enter the dining room through a golden,
shell-shaped corridor. As you walk in, you’ll be met with a giant
aquarium. The tables are arranged around an oval shaped
tank that’s filled with colorful corals and salt water fish. The restaurant has a variety of dishes, but
it specializes in seafood. Not surprising. Hey do you get to pick your fish to eat, and
a diver will spear it for you? A lot of people are so amazed with their experience
at the Oyster Shell, that they pick the restaurant to propose to their other half. A diver will get in with the fish and pop
the question. Near the restaurant, there are also a few
private rooms with their own aquariums inside. They have gold shells hanging from the ceiling
with special lighting. The chairs are also gold and shell-shaped. Must be Aqua man’s favorite conference room,
huh? Recently, the most luxurious bar in the world
opened in the hotel, and it’s called Gold on 27. It offers unique drinks, and the trained bar
tenders keep their recipes secret. Since gold is the material that signifies
the hotel and its status, the whole bar is covered in it. You can even order a drink named element 79,
which is a grape flavored drink filled with gold dust. Even though it’ll certainly cost an arm
and a leg to spend a weekend at this magnificent hotel, it’ll certainly be an unforgettable
experience. It gives you a sense of what the glamorous
lifestyle is really like. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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  1. Chetan Solanki

    Title of video is wrong "there is no such a 7 star for hotel category, even this hotel owner also accept hotel as 5 star but hoax recognize as 7 star"

  2. Hind Altamimi

    It was an amazing visit when I traveled to Dubai it wasn’t just a luxurious hotel it was an amazing experience with the the overview of the water with the amazing hotel service. Everybody was so nice! 🤩

  3. Qwerty _

    I have stayed here in the suites a couple times during the last couple years. The suites do not take up an entire floor, in fact the suites take up a small portion of one floor, and the suites have two floors in that portion, if that makes sense lol. There’s at-least 6+ suites per floor, the food is great and the gold is not real inside the suites. If that was the case people would rob it haha. Overall the hotel is clean and comfortable, but empty, there is nothing to do expect to eat, sleep and swim. In my opinion it’s nothing special, it’s exaggerated in media in order to popularize tourism in the UAE.

  4. Samuel Surmík

    This is NOT THE ONLY ONE 7 star. From what I know there is a much more affordable one in Georgia (the country). It is the paragraph collection next to the black sea

  5. Mark Railton

    Visited the Burj Al Arab when I lived in Abu Dhabi. Didn't stay the night as far too expensive, but we took my mother in law for afternoon tea (still wasn't cheap) and that was an experience and a half, everything was so oppulent and ornate.

  6. SingingCoyote13

    i feel sorry for all the people in the 3rd world countries if they see such a waste of money and ludicrous wealth. i bet the guests or the hotel managers dont ever think about that

  7. Sammy frm mimami tiktocker

    Well to tell truth its not that expensive at all per night its 1500 mini and in higher 30k which is not for us unless ure insane if not its affordable i have been for 4 night 7k gone with fun

  8. Johana Daya

    halfway through the video i stopped watching because i was getting more and more jealous of the people who could spend a night there. not rich people in general, only the ones who stayed there.

  9. Charlie B

    lI live here…
    Everyone can use that bridge after telling a security guard where they are going its just no one uses it unless they have to go to the hotel.
    I reckon the Burj Khalifa (tallest building) is the symbol of dubai; not many people actually know much about the burj al arab
    Cool feature: the white front part of the burj is lit up in rainbow ish lighting at night (really cool)
    Ngl 24 k gold isnt super rare in dubs (its everywhere lol)… its just used a bit more in the hotel
    That beach isnt fully private… Im pretty sure it also belongs to another hotel as well (its just behind the beach) i could be wrong tho
    Hospitality is dubais main thing ig so it isnt much of a surprise that almost all of the 4 star and up hotels here are really really nice

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