The Zenith Cafe offers both antiques and an affordable vegan brunch

Very Local welcome to the zenith it’s been around
for over two decades and Rob and his partner Elaine got involved about 17
years ago I kind of described this store as an installation it’s kind of organic
it just grows first off there’s the antique store this is our religious wall
any longtime Pittsburgh person’s gonna remember a lot of this stuff from their
parents homes we do a lot of vintage clothing I do love our tie selections
there’s the shrine to Pittsburgh sports we did there’s a kind of joke and people
started bringing more and more stuff to it it’s an art gallery that’s a new work
in progress with the cherubs it’s a place for Rob to show off his unique
sculptural pieces this is my shadow lamp it’s made of four different channel ears
I made a people mobile out of vintage meat hook and of course it’s a
vegetarian and vegan restaurant which serves up a popular buffet brunch every
weekend we start from scratch every week it’s about what I find in the strip then
we build the menu on that whenever you have brunch it’s 11:50 it includes the
entree coffee and tea and the buffet about 15 different salads we have on it
there’s certain salads that if we don’t have they’ll be like attacks and
rebellions and then we make all our cakes from scratch as well there
everything is made vegan and everything really everything is for sale here well
even saw your table that you set out but that’s not all oh the bathroom you have
to see the bathroom everybody talks about this this is another weird thing
we started off as a joke with the Owls people started bringing us more and more
owls and a lot of people say when they come in here they feel uncomfortable
because there’s too many eyes looking at them I couldn’t like them and here’s a
tip when you get your bill at the end of brunch read it closely to find out what
your tables nickname is the scary lady table is over that big portrait of the
lady that is the real zenith cat Maurice he’s being grumpy you never know what
you’ll find when you visit the Xena but if you’re lucky you might just leave
with a stomach full of bundt cake and a glass jar full of doll heads I’m sure
I’ll eventually do something within

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