Three-Michelin star Clare Smyth MBE Restaurant Gordon Ramsay; stunning tomato dish recipe

I’m Clare Smyth I’m chef patron at restaurant
Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea Today I’m going to show you a dish that actually
has just gone on the menu it’s from our a la carte menu, a starter
it’s a coeur de boeuf tomato tartare you take incredibly ripe tomatoes and you
can make them look like a steak tartare then we’ve taken the beef heart tomato, so
when it’s cut open it’s got the tartare inside of it
it’s a play on the coeur de boeuf beef heart tomato tartare
and also we’ve got buffalo milk curd that carries on the same theme and with that some
black olives and tomatoes sometimes the best thing a cook can do is
just leave the ingredient alone and let it be
so what we’ve done is we’ve blanched the tomatoes and we’ve scooped out the center now the center
we’ve pushed all the juice out of and added some olive oil to it and seasoned it really
well we’ve put a little bit of thyme in there and
then we’ve popped the whole tomato into the juice and put it in a vaccum packing machine
and that’s pushed all the seasoning into the tomato
we’ve got Matt who’s my head chef now here Matt’s been with us for four and a half years
and working in the group for the last six years
Matt’s like my right arm, very important to the team here
this is an English buffalo milk which we’ve infused with a little bit of thyme and rosemary
just to get some herbacious notes going through there
we’ve also put a little bit of natural yogurt just to give it some acidity and it’s been
heated up to thirty seven degrees and we’ve just going to add a little bit of
vegetable rennet to that now to go inside the tomato we’re going to
make the tartare we use fifty percent of tomatoes that we’ve
semi-dried in the oven and fifty percent of fresh pulped tomato
we’re going to add some chopped shallots and chopped cornichon
we’re going to use some parmesan and then into the dish we’ll put some marjoram
we’re also going to put a little bit of smoked olive oil
we smoke it with wood chips add a little bit of salt and pepper in there
we’re going to stuff that inside the tomato now
making sure we fill all of the ribs of the tomato so when you cut into it, it fills the
entire thing you can see how the buffalo milk curds have
set solidly we’re just breaking up the curds so they can
go in what we’ve got here is tomato hearts
and then we’ve got our buffalo milk curds some of these beautiful tomato hearts
then we’ve got some herbs things that really go well with tomatoes
mint, basil, chives we’ve frozen some black olives with liquid
nitrogen and broken them up into this sort of crumb which is a really nice way to do
it then we’re just going to pop some of our lovely
little leaves I don’t believe that every plate can look
identical because you’re dressing it with the natural form of the ingredient
now we’re going to pop the tomato on just after I glaze it with a little olive oil
i’m placing the tomato on the plate because it’s a tartare we like to eat croutons
and this is just a kind of very thin bread crisp that has been done with a little bit
of clarified butter some garlic and thyme
keeping with the theme of the olives we’ve got a little bit of black olive oil
so that’s a coeur de boeuf tomato tartare with buffalo milk curd and black olives

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