Tommy heavenly6 – LIVING DEAD DINER GIRL (Halloween Remix) VIDEO REACTION

helllo guys, I´m Danica and today I bring to you my video reaction for the new Tommy heavenly6´s song LIVING DEAD DINER GIRLS Halloween Remix finally I got the song thanks to my friend from Japan , so I’m very excited for listening this, I expect a lot of this song I would have liked to record Kitty Ninja´s video reaction too but unfortunately or fortunately I listened the song before in Tommy´s event so for that reason I couldn’t record it. Few moments ago she sent me the song so let’s start the video reaction. This is the part which we listened on the preview I think this is the part in which Tommy start singing and here is where the preview ends Until now there is any difference, only the beginning of the song Well the melody is new This Is new too Ok only 6 seconds more Well, the song is over and… I expected more about the song, don’t get me wrong, I love LIVING DEAD DINER GIRLS original version but I think there is not difference between both songs in fact it was very similar just there were some changes such as the laugh and the melody which we heard In my point of view for me is better the original version, maybe because I had high expectative about it, I thought maybe It could be longer than the song NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT but this song is only 6min but wel it is not my favorite Halloween song from Tommy In conclusion I think is better listen the original version due to the fact they are so similar And well that’s all I’m so sorry for long video and I wanted to enjoy more the song but I couldn´t sorry And if you could listen the song i´d like to know ur opinion, Plz follow me on my social networks for keeping in touch See you in next video

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