Top 15 things to do in 5 star hotel | Pullman Pattaya G, COMPLETE REVIEW (Thailand# 11)

Dear, this is your back Hahaha… Hello, everyone, my name is Anuj Banal and welcome to Anuj bucket. Today, we will show you a 5-star hotel of Pattaya Pullman Pattaya G. We will try to show you almost all the facility of this hotel whether it is Lanai swimming pool beach swimming pool, beach, breakfast, etc., Hahhaha Look at him They are enjoying After finishing this I’ll be like a he-man It’s okay till she used palmAfter that, she started rolling on me Hahaha… So, watch this video till the end.
This hotel is constructed amazingly. And this video is a part of our Thailand series you will find the link in the cards as well as in the description. So, watch the other videos of this series. And if you are new then do not forget to subscribe to our channel just hit this red button and the bell sign.So, guys, we are ready and this is our first morning in this hotel we are going for a buffet breakfast Shall we? Have you taken the keys? No Now guys you tell me what will happen if we leave without the keys? Nothing will happen We will go to the reception and ask for the key and won’t the charge us for that? Madam, it is chargeable if we forget the keys inside the room Hahaha… Guys, my brother in law is having positive vibes And because of that, his buts are moving Hahhaha…This is very nice. Oie…Hahaha… Weight… Weight… that’s why I am telling you to eat less. I’ll fall down if I will do this Hahhaha… Look at him They are really enjoying Mr. Bansal what would you like to say?All the ramps are made either for wheelchair or for the kid’s pram.Excuse me mam,
Where is the way for breakfast? Go straight and take a right. And I wanted to go to the second floor? Go straight and take a right you will see the stairs. Yeah… Thank you… Did you understand, whatever she said? Of course. Guys, this is called a view. This is the view. I feel Nakul will have his honeymoon here Here? You shall book it either to Switzerland or Paris.Hahaha… Guys, we have the club membership but I feel their normal breakfast is also very good so, let’s check…Penny Pasta and Grilled tomatoes Fried potato with paprika And they have this, Boiled egg Good morning chef How are you? I am fine. How are you? I am good,
I am good, very good.Okay, what do they have here? They have Nutella, honey, bread counter They have a different types of donuts.Fried rice with chicken That is possible They have Roti, Paratha (Indian dish) Wow… Very nice. Guys, we have checked the regular menu and now let’s go to check our club membership breakfast then we will decide where to eat.Room No? 2404 Okay 2404 is here We have a club membership Okay… this way please.Let’s see what do they have? Okay, this is smoke salami. Okay sushi They have sushi also Very nice Olive oil, mixed salad, they have everything here Then, they have mixed fried stir vegetable Bhai, this is a morning breakfast Okay they have dumplings also Hash brown, meat loaf, green tomatoes,
Chicken sausage, Oh my god! They have green mushroom. Baked bean with tomato sauce & French toast. This is cooked by mixing egg and bread. That’s okay But apart from that they do not have any other thing? No Baked beans are also very good. You will like it a lot Is this Rajma? Yes it is. But it does not taste like Rajma. This is French toast and Waffle. No chicken, No meat, No beef OkayGuru ji, this is very nice. We came here for the breakfastGuy, we are done with the breakfast And let me tell you one thing that Here breakfast is available on two fronts One is regular breakfast and second one is Club membership And the best part is that I have a club membership free of cost How was the breakfast? Super amazing. Look forward They have all the water sports hereThis is a private beach of Pullman Nobody can enter in this part. Guys, Am I looking tired to you If, yes then say “YES” in comment section. Hahhaha… Because this is one of the places where tiredness will go away like this And we become a he-man Hahaha… You came again! Go away… I feel like you appear less in video then footage Hahhaha…. Dear, it’s your back in the camera. Hahaha…Oh my god…Hahaha…. Nakul Bhai just go and read together. sure, I’ll go and teach. Okay, Jiju, we have free passes of this place for unlimited cocktail and mocktail. Guys, we have free passes for this place of unlimited cocktails, mocktails & everything.“Let’s go party tonight” Next time Swati will stay in the swimming pool and we will come here Hahaha… So, guys, after exploring pool side, beach side Now, we are heading towards the common room where they have video games, xbox, play station at free of cost. Oh! Wow… Surf Boat, They have free surf boat here No, they have a rental fee Look at Nakul What he is doing? Nakul went sightseeing Bhai, are you done? Had fun? A lotArey! This is a rock climbing wall forkids Anuj look at this, Rock climbing.Hahah…FunYou have to hit here Then I’ll hit from here May I play first? No thank you Hahaha…You are enquiring about what? For Taxi Thank you. Your welcome.How much weight? I don’t know You? She is okay What is this? This is a floater You can swim with the help of this.Why are you running? Oh my god!We can’t go for pool.
“Swimming pool me nha kr aur bhi namkeen ho gyi h ho”What are you taking about? This is a vegetable sandwich. I think this is the only thing for me here.They will get tired of serving but I wont get tired of eating Hahaha… Look, at the sunset.Thank you… Namaste…Look enjoyed it on the leg. But there are few places in your body Where you cannot put much presureShe hit me with the elbow. Hahaha… Jiju, then she moves to my back. Till the time she was using palm It was absolutely okay.Suddenly she started a road roller on me That time I was thinking like I’m going to die today. Hahaha…. Listen, in addition what she did? Jiju, you do not like if somebody touches this portion This one. Right? But I swear of god She pushed it like this Hahaha….Who was she? Was she a woman or a girl? She was a girl around 30 to 35 years old But don’t you feel being a girl she had high pressure. Yes, it’s true. Hahhaha… Who said Thai massage is a very good massage. I’ll make a personal vlog on this No one consider Thai massage, If anyone want relaxation Please opt an aromapathy massage Hahhaha… Pullman Pattaya G is one of the best 5-star hotel that I have ever been to. They have other countless facilities also, apart from these 15 facilities. Guys, I hope you have liked this video and if you have liked it then just hit the like button because for this video also we have a target of 150 likes which only you can help us to achieve. And if you feel this video is helpful for your friends and family then please share it with them. Now, its time for comment contest question So, today’s comment contest question is Apart from these 15 facilities which are the other facilities that we have shown in this video but have included it those 15 You should write your comments below. Now we will tell you who all are the winners for Nov’19 comment contest. Guys, first of all I would like to say Thank you so much To all from the bottom of my heart for participating in comment contest. And before announcing the winner I would like to appreciate some of the commenter who are regularly associated with Anuj bucket. AS Magiczz is on the second position. And he did total 8 comments in Nov’19 on Anuj Bucket. Thank you so much AS Magiczz. Abhishek Rathor is on 3rd position with 5 comments. And Creative 7 is on 4th position with 4 comments. Thank you so much to all of you. And now it’s a time for the winner. Winner for Nov’19 did total 9 comments
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