Toyosu Market DELICIOUS but cheap SUSHI in Tokyo

It’s King-chan and An-chan here, and we’re
here in Hatanodai eating at Sushi Hide. Getting some Sushi! As you can hear it’s a little quiet, because
this is a neighborhood spot. It’s a hidden gem, we’re putting ya’ll on
game today. It’s not just famous, it’s not just a hidden
gem, it’s a great price. Great price, ONE COIN LUNCH. Only one?! 500 yen for lunch. Man, enough talking, let’s go eat man. Alright, An-chan. I’m pretty ready for this sushi man! Pretty excited for this sushi. I’m always sucked into the roll sushi, but
this is my first time actually eating sushi in a bowl. First time actually seeing it, too. So I’m pretty excited for this. Let’s get to this sushi man! Grade A for the low pay! So they just brought out the English menu. For all you guys struggling with your Japanese
reading, they have an English menu. Eigo menu PLEASE! They also have Free WiFi! Sushi Hide original blend! This is how we make the rice shiny. Get some tea. Kanpai! Appetizers we have some salad. Tai, Buri, Kohada, Tako, Suzuki, Aji, Amaebi,
Salmon, Maguro Here it comes! Here is your Nigiri and Chirashi! Our food is finally out
and we have a spread for you guys. Chirashi, our 500 yen bowl. The one-coin (500) yen special. Normally when we think sushi, we think rolls,
but Chirashi is sushi over rice. They get their fish from Toyosu market, the
top fish market in Japan. FRESH. FRESH FISH. FRESH, For a very low price! We have our miso soup, and also our salad. This is miso soup. I’m going to give this a try now. Is that tuna right there? Yep, tuna right here! Oh my gosh! That’s good man, definitly soft. You know I’m a salmon guy. Don’t do me like that. It’s excellent salmon. It’s a little chewy but very good. What is that there? Octopus. Oh yeah. Definitely chewy. See a little wasabi and soy sauce. Taste that rice man! You can definitely taste the sushi vinegar
there. It’s salty but exquisite taste. Testing out the buri. You already killed it, what do you think? Tender! Your teeth are going to sink straight through
it. Oh yeah, that melted in my mouth. Next up we have AJI. That was more juicy, definitely had a fishy
taste. Next up is kohada, got the wasabi going with it too. It has a thicker texture. Its pretty good. So this is suzuki. That one didnt really have a strong taste
or anything. Here we have the seasoned, scrambled egg. Can’t go wrong with the old faithful. It’s actually sweet, that’s pretty good. Mmm very sweet! Real good! Now with the shrimp. Was it crunchy? Thought I had a leg in there… but it’s good. We got salmon sushi. I like that salmon right there. Let me try the tuna. Nigiri. So we’re back with the buri. I have a sushi hack for you guys. Since I’m a sushi connoisseur. Cold sushi rice is not good. It’s been sitting or in the refrigerator. When the rice is warm, it’s great sushi. That might be the best. The buri was great. This egg was delicious. Now that is some good egg! What makes the egg sweet is the hint of sake
in there! Suzuki. Wasabi surprise once again. Kappa. I like the crunch! Since I’m the shrimp lover. Definitely got that on camera. No you didn’t, I’m the one editing and I dropped
it. ROOKIE!! That’s good right there! Oh my god! Kind of jealous. Mmmhmm. You should be. So we’re all finished up. Guess how much we spent for lunch, An-chan. Mmm, lunch for two…I would say 3000 yen? A little lower. 2000 yen? A little lower. 1500 ?
No, we ate all this for 1,200 yen! Crazy cheap for this high quality sushi. So if you’re in Japan, make sure you come
to Sushi Hide. For sure, for sure! The one coin lunch special! Amazing service and great sushi! We’re with Yummy Japan. I’m An-chan and I’m King-chan. We found something to eat on these Japanese streets! Make sure ya’ll like and subscribe! We out!

  1. Ian Crawford

    It's a rough road when one of your favorite show's changes hosts. But you two are starting to grow on me. I no longer compare you to Victor and Charlie. I just understand when I enter what to expect.

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