Trixie Mattel on Lashes, Shangela & The Power of Drag (S3 E3) | Brunch With Tiffany

(sighing) – Well let’s see
what Tiffany’s up to. She tweeted this
morning, if you really wanna have a joyous day
from start to finish, you must already decide
to leave the house with that mind frame. Or you could just leave
the house, Tiffany. (upbeat music) Okay, her phone’s off. (funky music) – Trixie Mattel. – Oh, you made it, yay. – Oh hon, no you don’t do hugs. – But I will for you. – What? – I don’t wanna get
makeup on you though. – Girl, let me be
clear, ’cause I have a little bit of bone
to pick with you. – What is it? – It ain’t no
wishbone, this more like a fish bone. – What is it? – Girl, I read a
article that you said that your drag sister Shangela was the Tiffany New York
Pollard of “Drag Race”. You know, you know
I have to ask you what did you mean by that? Did you mean that she
was messy like me, that she was a
sexaholic like me, that she was rude? – That she’s tardy. – Oh, well, yeah,
’cause I was kinda… – No, she, like,
she knew how to make every single moment interesting. She could be given
nothing and be like, well isn’t this, you could
make anything entertaining. – We are larger than life, so… – Completely. – The big personality,
the extra, just knowin’ how to just
draw out the moment. – Star power. – Star power, I love
how this bitch is flippin and a-lying. Like, girl, thank you. – Cheers. – Cheers my love. I am enjoying your company. – I was on your
Twitter last night. – Uh-oh, what happened? – And you tweeted
that you haven’t been drinking as
much, but you’ve been enjoying herbal refreshments. – Wow, yes, that’s true,
did you bring me anything? – I didn’t, but I love
drinking and I wanna, I’m thinking of
trying to transition into maybe smoking
because it’s maybe not as, doesn’t hit your
body as hard, does it? – Oh my gosh, you’re so cute. – Like a drag mom, will
you be my weed mom? – Yeah, but lemme ask you this, this is so adorable. Have you ever partaken? – Not really, no. – Okay. – I’ve taken like a
strong edible at Dollywood and flipped out, but– – Okay, horrible,
we don’t do edibles. They hit the system totally
different when ingested. – Okay. – So have you been
hangin’ around with people catching contacts,
do you get contacts.. – Well I smoked week
once and it was with Latrice Royale, you know her. – Of course. – And of course it was
her like backwoods, scary, voodoo weed. – Oh. – You know what I mean? – Okay, she gave you like
some granddaddy kush. – Girl, the smoke
was like green. – Oh, gosh no, you were
on a magic carpet ride. – Like you took a
puff and the smoke was in the shape of a
skull, you’re like, oh. – Oh no, oh gosh. – Yeah, and it made
me extremely horny. – That’s always gonna happen. – Really, because. – You’re gonna get that. – Because I talked to
people who smoke weed, they’re like, what? – No, you know when
you low-grade (beep) if you have a little
bit of hull in your DNA you’re gonna get horny
when you smoke weed. That happens to me. – It made me so horny. I hooked up with
a guy from an app and he had a blue
beard and I woke up with blue paint on my butt. – You’re slutty. (upbeat music) I have to talk about
your lashes, girl. – Oh, they are, girl,
they are so crusted, don’t get too close. – Are they crusted? – Oh, I do that drag
queen thing where like, I mean these are, let’s say
eight pairs of lashes stacked and then two pairs
on the bottom. – Yes. – So that’s twenty
pairs of lashes. – Wait, you’re– – That’s 10 pairs of
lashes, 20 strips of lashes on my eyes right now. – My goodness. – Psycho.
– Wow. – I know, but I look
so cool from far away. – Your eyelids have to
be doin’ like arm curls. – Oh mama. – Is it heavy? – I take the lashes
off my eyelids are just hanging down, no. They’re tired. They’re heavy but
like, if you look, they’re kind of in my
crease, like you can see my real eyelash. – It is so deep in your crease. – I know, I know. – But girl, I feel like psh … – It looks cool. – It looks fabulous. ‘Cause that you doin’
you, I’ma let you borrow a little bit of my
lash glue ’cause right here you’re
kinda, just a little bit in the corner and I
could not not tell you, ’cause I hate when
my eyelashes fall. No, it’s not horrible,
but you just fixed it. Damn, you’re an expert. Yeah, you got it, you got it. – But there’s so many
on, I’m so out of, you know drag. – Of course I do. – Everything hurts
so bad you never know what’s out of place. – And you don’t care. It’s like bitch, here I am. – It’s like, did you know
one of your wigs fell off. I was like, I was twirling. – One of your wigs fell off? – Yeah, I was busy. – It was off for the
sake of the twirl. – Right. – And I have to feel
like this, ’cause if I’m speaking honestly, psh, I used to wear lashes back
in the MySpace days, okay. I used to get so much (beep). I don’t know if you
remember MySpace days, are you even old enough
to know what that is? – I was like, 14, 15. – Okay, you were smokin’
cigarettes and bein’ bad. So you know, you know. MySpace days, I used to
wear lashes on television all the time and I used
to get so much (beep). But now there’s
bitches on reality t.v. rockin’ lashes while
they at the gym, while they at the spa. – It’s crazy. – But I don’t get
no credit for it. – I mean, do you remember
like, early 2000s, where the makeup
look was just like the J-Lo glow, which
was like, you basically did like a frosty brow
bone and lip gloss. – Very glam. – Yes. – Very, if you don’t
have natural beauty you’re (beep) out of luck. – You are (beep) out,
that is the thing. They basically, if
you didn’t have it, no one was painting it on. – Nobody was paintin’ it on. And now, the fabrication,
the witchery, the magic. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I mean people now
are doing full re-sculpting. – So okay for us to finally
be us and not be judged for being us. – Completely. – ‘Cause now we can
do like a rainbow lip or like a crazy eye, like
it doesn’t matter now and it was so not like that. But I’m one of the
bitches that paved the way for the false eyelash. – I love makeup and
before I was on, before I did “Drag
Race” and all that, I worked in makeup and
I just, I loved it. But I was always fascinated
by the way women, they are supposed to wear makeup but are not allowed
to ask, so women have these makeup bags that
they’re like terrified of. They’re like, I wanna
learn how to do that, but I’m scared. – Not me with my big-ass mouth. I’m askin’ questions,
I’m divin’ in deep, I wanna know everything. I ask too many
questions to a fault. I can just ruin
an intimate moment just by askin’ so
many questions. Like where has your dick been? Do you have AIDS? (both laughing) I’ll ruin any type
of mood, that’s me. – You better ruin that mood. – Trixie, we are
such skinny legends. We did so amazing today. We had our salads. Now we’re gonna dive
into this burger. – Oh my gosh. – We’re gonna split it. – I should have
never marketed myself as a skinny legend
because I love ridiculous, high-calorie food. – Do you? – Bitch, if I could
live at a carnival and just eat like
nachos, pizza, burgers, cookie dough, all day. All day. – Oh my gosh, I love you. – My favorite food is nachos. I used to be a server
in a restaurant and before I would leave
my little lunch shift, did you ever be a waitress? – Yes, yes, yes I was. – You know how like
you leave your shift, you order some
food to take home. I would get this ridiculous
platter of nachos and go home, you know,
Wisconsin in the summer at like 1:00 p.m.,
and sit in my room and just… A whole plate of nachos. – But don’t you feel
like you deserve it? ‘Cause I’m not gonna lie,
I have weaknesses too. I eat a lot of
macaroni and cheese and water chicken. – What the hell
is water chicken? – Water chicken is my
own particular recipe that I put together, I’ll
give it to you later, you will be addicted
to water chicken. – Water chicken? – Water chicken is the best. – It makes me think
that you’re just putting chicken in water. – I’ll give you all
the deets later. But you will be addicted. – Do you cook? – I throw down. – Sis, you need to
teach me because I’m– – Really? – I’m just getting
too late in life for me to not know. – You need to know how to put
a little something together. Are you in a relationship? – Yes. – Okay, you need
to keep your man, you’re gonna have
to feed your man. – Oh, he’s got a
little meat too. – Oh, yeah girl, listen,
you need to make, I’ll teach you a few
recipes to keep him. – Did your mom cook? – She does, she’s
a excellent cook. – Did she teach you? – She did teach me some
of the things I know, but I have to say when
she eats my cuisine, she literally has orgasms. – Oh my God. – She’s like Tiff, your
food is so (beep) good, what do you do to
it, what’s your… She like really goes
crazy when I cook for her. – My mom was a
fabulous cook too, but she loved cooking and
never involved me. You know, some parents are
like, no, you’re helping and then you know how. So then I was like,
you know, in college, like, oh (beep). – But your mom
wanted you to grow up to be a spoiled little bitch
and you didn’t even have to– – She got what she wanted. – Yeah, there we go. I’m gonna drink on that. – Oh. (tapping glass sound) (upbeat music) – Trixie, your list
of accomplishments are so freakin’ long,
you’ve done so much with yourself since “Drag Race”. – Triangle. – I mean, hello, you
had your own show, with your name in it. – We sure did. – Then you’ve had albums
come out that were critically acclaimed, they
did really, really well. – It’s wild. – Oh my gosh, and now
you have this documentary all about yourself and
it’s called “Moving Parts”? – It’s called “Moving Parts”. In my opinion the movie
does not have enough nude scenes of me, but… – Oh, I love it already. – So basically this
camera crew followed me on tour for nine months
and you’ve toured, you know it’s (beep) wild. – Oh my gosh. – Every day is either a
triumph or a melodrama. – Sure enough. – It’s great, I mean, the
great thing about drag, and you know this, it’s
like we don’t have a team. It’s us. – It’s all you. – It’s us pulling
up the suitcase, throwing wigs in,
throwing this in. You gotta figure out
what you’re gonna do. And so drag is a
great thing, I think, to document because
in a lot of like entertainment things,
there’s a whole team. With drag is really
us at the airport, pulling our own suitcases, doing our own train rides. Pulling up to do, we do
our own hair and makeup. You know, it’s a drama and
this documentary’s great because it chronicles
the highs of last year, which is like
winning “Drag Race”, or having my album
go to number one. Oh… and it also
goes down to like, when my partner in crime, Katya walked off-set of our t.v. show. Or so many things
where it’s like, oh drag is not all
champagne and runways. You know how it is,
we make people think it’s all this and sometimes
this glass empties and the lights turn
off and you are sitting there in
a wig being like, what the hell’s going on? – So, knock on wood,
when you receive awards from “Moving Parts”, ’cause
I see this happening. I’m knocking on wood
before I ask and after, would you go in
drag or would you go in a tux? – I always go in drag. – Oh, I love that. – ‘Cause, you know, you’ve
seen me out of drag. I look like Elmer Fudd. – You do not, you know what
you– I was gonna tell you, you’re very sexy. – You think? – I do. – Oh my gosh. – I have a little bit
of a thing for you. – Oh my, listen,
if it was my show and I was handing out clocks
you would never go home. – Oo, uh-oh, check, please. – You would never go home. – You know it don’t get
much to get me goin’. – But I like to go in
drag, ’cause I think you have to be like
RuPaul, you have to be doing drag, you know,
a thousand years, no offense, RuPaul, but
that’s when you can start going out of drag. But I like to go in
drag, give the fantasy. – Absolutely. – But you know how
hair and makeup is. It’s more for you. It gives you that extra,
like, I’m here bitch. – It does, I’m here,
I have arrived. – Right. – That is so true. – ‘Cause out of drag
I’m an introvert and so like it
makes me more like, if I’m at an event like
that, I’m more like… But in drag everyone’s
nice to you. Like I presented at the
“MTV Movie Awards”– – I saw, oh my gosh. – And all these big
celebrities were so nice to me just ’cause I have a wig on. – Enamored by you, as well. – And so sweet. And I think celebrities,
too, celebrities when you get famous you
lose your edge, right? – You can. – You lose, not
everybody, you didn’t. But a lot of them
lose their edge and as drag queens
we represent people who walk the line between fame and being counter-culture. – That is so true. – So we get to be famous
but also underground. – You are so wise. You are so (beep) wise. – It’s so fun, and that’s
why celebrities love us ’cause they get in the
mainstream and then they kind of like,
everyone knows them. And drag queens, we
get to be in drag and then take the wig
off and be nobody. – Oh my goodness, your
energy is infectious. – Right? – Listen, dumb
blond you are not. (upbeat music) Girl, this was so much
fun sittin’ down with you. – It really was. This is a dream,
“Brunch With Tiffany”. Do you know how many gay
men would slit my throat and put this wig on
to come here today? – Oh my goodness. – People are obsessed with you. – Oh my goodness. – Obsessed. – Obsessed? – I have people in my
life who never get jealous of anything I do and
for this they were like, you (beep) bitch. – Stop it. – Yes. – Girl, I have to
say, I had so much fun sittin’ down with you
and havin’ brunch, but lookin’ at you I
feel (beep) underdid. I need a better
beat down than this. – Oh my God. – Can we go shopping for makeup? – Yes girl, let’s go,
yeah, let’s finish these. I have an account at
the Sephora, let’s go. – Girl, you got your own
makeup line, let’s go. Mukbang, mukbang, I don’t
know exactly how to say it. But for more videos
with me gossiping and having brunch
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