Tuna tartar – Recipes from Spain

Hi, this is a very suitable recipe for summer
as there is no need to heat to prepare it Start cutting the tuna in small cubes tuna will be cooked in lemon juice, instead of in fire chop an onion or a spring onion grate a tomato cut first it in half and then grate it until there is only the skin finally chop an avocado to do it cut in half the avacado separe two parts nail the knife in the bone remove it and separe the pulp from the skin using a small spoon it’s important to chop the avocado at the end to prevent it to be exposed to air too
much time otherwise it will rust In a bowl add the tuna chopped onion chopped avocado juice of one lemon half of grated tomato two tablespoons of soy sauce a bit of salt and optionally some grated ginger mix well, cover it with transfarent film and let rest in the fridge for at least one hour remove from fridge twenty to thirty minutes
before serving You can dress it using some tomato in the base and then filling with tuna then press the tuna a bit to be compact if you like this recipe you can share it with your friends click on hands up or subscribe to our channel to receive
new recipes see you next time

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