TWO PROS EAT 29 LBS OF FOOD at GOURMET BUFFET – How Pros do AYCE – Buffet Buster

[Music] man that’s a plate ba-ba-ba-ba-ba notorious nation welcome to this video is a very special video today superstars George Jr from MOA major league eating he’s right there were twelve in the world this guy can eat today we’re gonna do a team challenge here and a gourmet buffet and Grill in Allentown PA we’re gonna try to eat as much as we can total kebab’ and see if we get maybe like ten kilograms are either more with the see how it goes I’m starting with 2.7 kilograms of all my food added up the soups are 269 2003 and my biggest plate is this plate here it’s 70 70 80 but Georgia start with 3 kilograms George want you to say those about yourself thanks for having me today to join you but yeah I’m just I’m just a regular guy you know I can eat some food pretty quick and I found a niche and I’m just really excited the past two years I’ve been in thirty competitions 11 states two countries just traveling and eating like you know it’s almost everyone’s dream you know I’ll be able to do this so I’m just chucking a head you know I’m 12th in the world with major league eating right now hopefully I could just keep climbing the ladder that’s my goal and just move forward I mean you know I go by the smorgasbord our YouTube channel is the smorgasbord know like share subscribe repeat equates to what 25 pounds 22 pound 20 mm I think we go on all right so 22 pounds but yeah let’s I’m excited actually let’s do this so check out his channel link in my description box below here we go alright so this is pretty much a a Chinese birthday they have told off your cheese date so you don’t see that on there definitely is too much almost started up oh I miss that I’m just going with Claudine to start and just work my way through the sushi bar here I love sushi yeah and guarantee I’m gonna get more of that in the near future right that’s looking really good I didn’t I didn’t take so as we get started I am really excited about this video I always wanted to sit down at a buffet with another top eater and chow down and see what kind of damage we could do the substrate still has the table which is a surprise we got here right when the buffet open and you can tell all the food was freshly made nothing was carried over from the day before the first plate of my seafood plate here is salmon and shrimp is proud we got the pot stickers it’s saying these guys are not on with the club they’re always there stuff with the good meat and then grab me the upper corner have included a walkthrough of the entire buffet at the same time done I’m eating a bug for this to be my full-time gig [Music] so that one’s watching he wants to sponsor me above to make this bachelor trying to dig his dumpling postures the Gargas would what it looks like in my videos I usually don’t take all the food mm-hmm but it did take a big chunk of this save that look good I almost never have seafood at home so I really enjoy it out of the buffet so next up is dumplings while we’re only one point six kilograms in so far towards our 10 kilogram goal the food is so tasty and fresh I’m very confident we’re going to be able to get to that 10 kilogram mark yeah why don’t you try a little bit of everything the whole setup up here is just looks great there’s so much food and I swear every time I came back I got nervous because you look to get more and more plates of stuff no this is probably the cheapest to make stuff up there but for some reason I love fried rice and lo mein noodles there’s nothing just plain lo mein this is fantastic I’m going to try this but it’s always one restatements [Music] stuffed shrimp stuffed mushrooms state having cheese which if you’re the dream contest you’re making one like putting pie-eating contest or something I think for a dream contest because I like the sweets okay [Music] competitions a couple yes I have a hot dog and quarter to you know the pound of shrimp to you know it’s just so close the top eaters now don’t you guys get sure it’s we got whatever some tonight we do it yeah so and you were that shirt you want to only get a new shirt definitely bigger and you don’t wanna you know keep the same I’m looking here I was a rookie this year so zero look I had nothing on it is this my name you’re just speaking about a contest where they give you a jersey each year and they put your personal record on the back of the jersey so obviously I’m finished my through I look at the Georges and is none he’s talked of a swarm and I may ask much question so let’s do to me don’t take this break watch the snow by the end of this video it’s gonna be big yes this isn’t a contest between George and I we’re just working together having a lunch and seeing who can eat a massive amount of food a lot like crystals by the way your honey 100 crystal burgers that are they announce me I really wanted to say that for 100,000 subscriber and I’m fortunate to ever get there I thought a good video mmm but I need a lot of good videos to get to that Clark so hey now would be a good time to subscribe if you haven’t already like this is my glass of water order to maximize the food I was drinking the soup raw veggies using water because we’re not carrying the water weight of the are counting the soup week while you were ahead of me here so I got 300 grams there’s got some juice there [Music] that’s a plate [Music] around gravy on the mushrooms [Music] little spice I don’t know ever but delicious everything [Music] been briefed rest [Music] but as sushi I think I’ve managed to collect enough food for now time to start back eating three five zero nine grams [Music] especially kids actually pretty good first Oliver if you notice they got a pretty good sized plate of fruit and jello and that’s just so I can wash down the other foods as opposed to drinking liquid while it’s not a contest between us George has actually eaten over half the amount of food so far because he started with three telegrams if you’re not familiar with George he really is a top eater he’s done 32 hot dogs in 10 minutes thirteen and a half pounds of poutine in ten minutes ten pounds of strawberry shortcake in ten minutes and eight pounds of spicy shrimp in eight minutes I finish all mine me finish all yours we’ll be over there yeah cited the little Philadelphia cheesesteak more the dumplings General Tso’s chicken boneless spareribs and then the big plate is freezing scoops of tapioca pudding and in it some point is he’s banana playing with vanilla wafers II so the cookies in there want to give a quick shout-out to Chris he Rogers who won last week’s Easter egg contest good luck to all those playing this week this video took a while for us to film it’s a lot longer than I normally would take it up off a but I was just having such a good time getting to know Jorge more we of course known each other for a couple of years now but we’ve never really sat down and had a chance just to talk one-on-one for an extended period so there’s a lot of fast 14 in this video [Music] we’re getting really close to our goal of 10 kilograms the next person that finishes will put us over the top there we go so we’ve reached the goal of 10 we’re going to try to continue to eat and see what we can do without stressing too much still enjoying ourselves and having a conversation I don’t like my food too hot or too cold and this ice cream warmed up enough that I can finally eat it I mean we’ve been feasting which I’ve had a great time talking and getting to know yet and in the same token like we just need a whole bunch of food pay me like an hour and a half we have a new box yeah so let’s play to some of the good fruits Bob is talking about I’m just getting low levels here it could let the rookie show them up I guess get going just food is so good it is free everything’s great fresh this place is a great value if you’re in the Allentown area please stop and try it out it’s only about 12 dollars and it has lots of seafood incredible deal for the money Thank You Georgetown come to my video be sure you check out his link in the description below fantastic eater he’s a big facebook video guy so he’s just switched over to youtube so his channels not where his fans are yet so we need to get him off that you can check him out and give him a subscribe what we did today was our goal was we did over 13 kilograms thanks a lot you were stopping out and show me how it’s done I mean I really appreciate just having lunch from you today thank you for learning the cloud with you today and I want to steal your intro and an outro for my channel all right I hit film anything well you wouldn’t be successful yes I got to do something so dude still mine we crushed our goal and yeah so just thank you for joining us today like share ascribed and repeat I’ll see you guys again soon yes [Music]

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  2. Bren Travis

    If I saw you guys coming towards my restaurant, I would turn off the lights, lock the door and hide under a bench… Great to see you with George, he is mighty. Keep bringing us the best videos Bob.

  3. William Brasky

    I really appreciate you ability to retain table manners while eating large amounts of food fast. Disgusting that this is legal and refined plants/ flowers aren't but that's not your fault

  4. Jared Perillo

    You produce great content but your intro is literally the worst I have ever seen in the history of YouTube.. It is beyond cringeworthy…

  5. Emily Bilbow

    I love that you guys ate all the food you took… I really think it’s awful when people fill up a plate and only eat a bite or two… the rest gets thrown away… I also thought that it was cool that you ate what you liked whether it was cheap or pricy… great video… love the collaboration

  6. flicmylich

    Just found you today from your Krystal video, Bob. Great videos man you'll hit 100k soon. All of these buffet videos remind me of the Simpsons all you can eat lawsuit.

  7. Wayne Hasch

    One thing that I respect about Matt Stonie is that he rarely goes to restaurants and puts the hurt on them. Stonie will make huge amounts of food in his own kitchen or go out and BUY 30 big Macs then eat them. He never rips off restaurants. Hats off to Matt Stonie.



  9. Mdamonette

    Man I subscribed a long time ago I had no idea you didnt have 100k subscribers. Everyone should subscribe! I'd recommend people to your videos but truthfully I dont know anyone that I could convince to watch people eat 10lbs of food each video lol I enjoy it but idk who else does


    This is my favorite place to go and eat a variety of Chinese food! The food is delicious! I try to go there for lunch once a month! I have never been disappointed!!

  11. Hikmawan Nandar16

    I see some people in the coment hate these guys for eating all the food in the buffet, for me the people i hate is who go to all you can eat restaurant and they eat small amount of food then buy expensive drink

  12. tunafishriot

    If you subtract the weight of the dishes, it only comes out to 10 lbs of food, so about 5 lbs per person. Not so challenging considering other competitive eaters can do 8+ lbs of food.

  13. charles gros

    Nice free advertisement for the restaurant. What restaurant will let you sit there with all those plates of food in front of you and you have a camera setup and they not going to tell you anything. Restaurant probably pay for it

  14. Pee pee Gang

    This dude with you should have his own YT channel and do AYCE buffets. Not the speed eating challenges yet though, but at the AYCE buffet, he can also time himself to see how fast he can eat and see if he gets better. Not saying he’s a slow eater, he’s just not the fastest

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