Voted BEST Buffet in Vegas | The Buffet @ Wynn Las Vegas | Better than Bacchanal Buffet 2020?

Hey there world travelers. Hey there. I’m
Tanya and I’m Dave and we are Turn It Up World. Welcome to . . . Las Vegas! Voted the best buffet in Vegas, The Buffet here at the Wynn and we’re here to try it out for you. Absolutely, now the last time we were
here in Vegas, which wasn’t that long ago, we actually dived into the Bacchanal over
at Caesars Palace and dang it was delicious, yeah that was awesome and a
lot of people think that’s the best buffet in Vegas so we want to try it out
and see how this place compares to the Bacchanal. Absolutely now here’s
something we’re gonna try to attempt now their dinner monthly is what
we’re going to but they do have a brunch buffet now the brunch buffet is about $15
cheaper so we’re gonna try and sneak it right at that break in that cusp to see if it works if it doesn’t we’ll let you know and if it does we’ll
let you know I’m starving I think it’s time to eat. Absolutely, let’s do this. So
there it is there’s like the weekday brunch and the weekday dinner, there are the kind of two we were talking about earlier. It’s Monday through Friday 7:30 to 3:30 and it just has a quick transition from
3:30 to 9:30 which is dinner of course there’s the gourmet brunch and the seafood which we’re not getting but the menus are very interesting so
like Monday through Friday they have this brunch and of course Monday through Thursday they have this dinner and there’s quite a bit of change on there
so we’re hoping to get in the dinner at the brunch price which if you can see
right there it’s like $30.99, that’s a $15.00 difference y’all, so wish us luck. So we did, we’re super excited guys we
actually got in here at the brunch buffet price during dinner time that’s
like a $15 savings yeah we got in right at the switch over, right at the switch
over and we’re a bit nervous I will tell you because we got in line and it’s
like a standstill for like ten minutes before I couldn’t believe it I was like are they gonna hold us up until 3:30, yeah we started chanting, let them in, let them in, and they let us in, so it’s super super stoked, super hungry that’s for sure we actually went for the all, with the
endless pour package, endless pour package now it’s like $22.99 but it makes up the
difference because think about it we saved about $15 each
now we get all you can drink and for what we were told if you actually get
two drinks each it’s much better to get the endless pour package so we did it now mind you because of that and because of this buffet we paid a whopping $117 for this total buffet so you know what it’s about time for me to eat $120
worth of this buffet, exactly, cheers my dear cheers my love Not bad, not bad at all
one down 12 to go, so we have all kinds of stations going on here I can just smell
the deliciousness it looks like to the left here it looks like a fruit and
salad we’ll get back to that one a little bit later let’s go over to what
we call the meat station Look at those vegetables, nice, no turkey for you, no more turkey for you hashbrowns on a wheel what do you call them latke so what did
you get all right so I don’t probably should win a little easier just to kind of fill out the time and space here but I just couldn’t help it you just the smells
I’d dive right in so I got basically I got a nice huge beef rib you know I got
a prime piece of prime rib I got some of that pork belly which looked really
tasty and juicy you gotta have that meat that nice combination of fats and beef
and pork with the shishito peppers and of course you recommended this one you
actually recommended the the yellow pepper the grilled yellow pepper yeah so
I’m like yeah what did you get well I got a lot of stuff you did quite frankly
a couple differences though they had a nice fresh roast turkey just came
right out so I got a nice slice of that got some New York Strip as well which
looks really good that looks yeah that looks good but I’m psyched
about this barbecue beef rib you know coming from Austin and trying Franklin’s
and all that all the great beef ribs down there in Austin gotta try it here
in Vegas yeah you know what’s funny I think we actually tried a beef rib at
Bacchanal, now I’m not sure I think you might have had beef rib I’m not sure, that was after about ten drinks I think combined so I’m not sure I remember that one, why don’t we try this beef rib together, I’m going right into it, oh yeah ready, let’s do it okay first judgment well I will say it’s
very very different from Austin barbecue beef rib, it’s very different from that but damn the flavor tastes really good yeah I just kill right off the bone like it does
yeah maranatha just melts off the bone there’s no peeling does it takes a
little bit more a little bit more of a tug you got that kind of yeah kind of
battle it but it days right it’s really juicy it’s a nice flavor you know when
you’re coming from that Texas barbecue you got to just dissect your supplement
not compare because it’s completely different
well it is I mean they take you eat it without teeth you know the Texas
barbecue it just melts right up right in your mouth yes need some teeth on this
one yeah that was that was really nice what should we try next I decide with
some of those pork bellies oh my gosh I mean and that is like absolutely pure
fatty fat oh yeah look at our pieces that’s like off everybody’s like oh my
gosh she can cut you know I probably taste amazing so let’s give it a shot
you ready I’m gonna cut you down together let’s do it together okay
I like we do it together cuz it’s like that like that first reaction it’s the
first dish is okay I have a nice fatty geez oh and get the watch that now
there’s your sheet already mmm oh yeah that’s a big piece of fat I don’t know
what it is today mmm well everything I’m picking out here
there’s like getting to my team there’s a little kind of gooey gooey banana
flavor really nice smooth very smooth flavor definitely smooth Travis just eat
up I mean everything ready already trot my man who’s good oh yeah I’m nice
kind of coming right at me yeah like I’m just digging in these your sheet
what’s happening all the hot ones I must say okay now that pork belly the first
bite was kind of nice it was like wow this is really tasty I said it was like
swishing around and they’re like a jellyfish yeah little goo it was a
little bit gooey for me now maybe if you put that on a slice of
bread or some sauce because it had like a barbecue he kind of flavor to it right
yeah and with the pepper was kinda nice but I think it was way too gooey for me
I loved it but yeah absolutely yeah nice flavor
yeah it looks deceiving it’s like you think when you see the red part it’s
like nice and tender they spray-painted that on there you know to make it like
like a medium-rare yeah lopsided for round two Wow it’s a round
one don’t ya top ground – I think we need to do this round I want across some
of those tacos oh right it round two goes mission my tacos let’s go I will
follow you anywhere there’s the word tacos in the way tacos to the left to the line every
weight back to the spacebar but I will say that that happened I saw those two
hours are ticking away here waiting in this line it’s crazy
slow moving slow but it is made to order so I’m definitely excited for the tacos
but ways to go is it ordered to get back alright well that was pretty interesting
yeah I’m gonna say you have a two-hour limit and that took about a half an hour
just to get my two damn tacos cheated I need two more not a lot to eat they do
we need some time add it into our I think so we gotta make sure they mark
that down yeah thirty minutes that’s pretty interesting too because
you’ll being in Mexico City things are quite different here the office store
here is really like Coldplay yes quite difference really different yes very
difference up caret I haven’t tried it yet but different might jump in and they
have like salsa verde yes basically cuacamole hey I mean there’s no salsa
exactly so yeah anyway anyway I you ready to dive into yeah let’s give it a
shot so I’m look where we try the via since we both have the same derp here I
end up getting the two you know alphas thora and you end up getting an outlet
store and the carne asada yeah so I’m gonna try that can have a little piece
of little your line because I can’t you got to always have that line yeah sure
put that lime on there no there’s a blowout hmm good now there’s like an
explosion of flavors yeah they’ll come right out in there hmm
mmm the pork is definitely up it’s more of a pulled pork taco your office
you’re definitely it doesn’t have that kind of right from the spit feel right
coming right from that little spit where they shave the meat off oh yeah not at
all this actually tastes really really good I like this a lot
this is good now this is corn on a corn tortilla it’s like really nice yeah I
need to double it up for you mm-hmm so it doesn’t break apart except
in your map I got some carne asada here and this one I put a little different I
put some oquawka mole on some red onion but also oh yeah sure help yourself
oh you jumped right in there but I also got some some salsa Roja exactly and so
makes you jump in and try it within that shit looks really good do a shot oh wow no blah this time
nice job it’s funny the carne asada it’s really dry and we’ll burn a little bit
tomato that first taste wasn’t as good as I would have thought not the best not
the best alpha star definitely much much better
you heard it outdoor all the way I goes to our pet stores and my amazing
incredible awesome over here decide to take one for the team and try that Dryad
burnt be burped beef well that was a that was a been hit or miss a pasture or
big hit I love the album store tacos I mean obviously pulled pork very
different for Mexico City but still very very good the sauces were great
now carne asada I mean it just tastes birds what I’m good was not my favorite
so what’s up next in this smorgasbord of delicious oh we’re gonna go for the
seafood now they put the seafood out at 4 o’clock is what it has to be out
according to our hostess and so now that should all be out it’s about 5 o’clock
right now we are gonna head over there and dive into some delicious seafood the
source I have crab legs and oysters and all those delicious things though
insurance yeah and I want my pot no enough top let’s go you want hot crab legs roll over to the
Italian section here you go they make your work over here that’s my round
all right now here we go what I’m talking about now I will say that this
doesn’t look you know it just looks like they’re nice crab legs but not those
king crab legs no I should get you got the membranes remember the membrane part
you got to pull them out but I’m just ready to dive into these suckers I mean
they’re just super you know we have them heated up now it definitely smells fishy
yeah we’re sitting in that Harbor so it may be on I think that’ll definitely
help the butter is always gonna be a nice twist but let’s dive into this have
you tried try it out I’m gonna use my hands guys I slice them open but if you
just dig out the meat slap it on the butter no shame here no shame the butter
sauce mine is uh not the warm and not the hottest now
that’s a problem but your butters hot you got a nice warm butter no it’s good
enough can you spit on the butter huh tastes good it tastes pretty good with
the butter sauce in there you’ve got to have the butter you can’t have the crab
leg without the butter Oh got out of that butter man look in this one look at
the meat and that one no you gotta slide it off that membrane boom right dang
that’s amazing and there’s no shame it’s gonna dip the right nut butter just boom
dip now regret later I’m gonna do no no this is probably not your jam don’t know
why normally I do not get like you know seafood like this so even wasters at a
buffet but you know when you’re in Vegas and you’re probably one of the best
birthdays a lot of folks call in Vegas you gotta try yeah
so we got some oysters on the half-shell you know and I usually like to a little
more tougher than what I’m used to but let’s give it a try hopefully it’s not
super squishy and grimy but you want to put that lemon sauce on it does you know
where the oysters are from the adult I don’t it just says oysters on the
half-shell though and if you’re really good at it you could probably tell by
looking at the show no I’m just not that good at it but I’m definitely good at
tasting it no no no no those are not Neptune oyster yeah no that is not my
jam right there that is definitely not a little little
bit has a little bit of a rocky texture like you’re really tasting the sand and
grit mmm but it almost tastes I don’t know Mike someone died oh and that’s not
good no I mean it’s like farts farts in the shower I’m not sure I’m not really
sure about that that one’s not really yeah what aren’t you gonna have one I
don’t use a time lapse it yeah that’s a good idea
oh man all right so this is the island breeze so I’m gonna switch it up to for
just a second I’m gonna take on the island breeze here just to kind of swish
around that yeah you know I gotta get that grit from that disgusting I wasn’t
a big fan of that one I have today that is delicious really really refreshing
and it’s almost got like a it’s got vaca the passion fruit in there as well I
could just really taste it so good why not why not
it’ll definitely like take away and I’m unfortunately I’m probably not gonna
finish these I feel bad for wasting them but they’re just not good really
refreshing right so I will say this the seafood in my opinion was not the
highlight so I mean the crab legs were just okay
we actually had some mussels as well in the in-between
yeah a little rubbery I mean they were so wobbly I feel like I could blow
bubbles but yeah that’s like crazy maybe a little overcooked I think they were
sitting maybe for a while under the the dreaded heat lamps yes the dread and
that’s and I’m gonna assume it wasn’t that
hasn’t been that busy since we’ve been here so the turnover is not consistent
with the kind of helping out the freshness of those those are muscles
what do you got here potato pancake ice cream now I put a little sour cream on
the side you can help whatever you want they have all you can put on top
I kept it quite simple put the sour cream on the side don’t try it out this
is the one that there was a cute little Asian man back there that was kind of
lining up the circle wheel thinking of me and take a little slap
liver of this here a hash brown with sour cream potato with sour cream yeah
yeah let’s give this a shot let’s say my doesn’t make it up my confidence is good
man I like it wait a half-round but they’re good tastes like a crunchy hash
brown one sour cream they put on Ice Show too right yes around us around that
spoon in it nice little break kind of washing out that up like the clam enos
of that app oyster more like goodness gracious I mean it smells like we’re
sitting in a harbor right now I’m waiting for the seagulls to kind of
descend upon dust kind of soup and you’re in for some dessert I’m ready for
dessert we all right
I am so stuck right now if I have anything else I’m gonna throw up
we ate a lot that boy you really did I would definitely say we got our 117
dollars from that’s true for sure great so let me ask you so what did you think
of this place Oh what do you think so the only reason he gave the buffet at
the wind a little bit of a dance is because we thought the service was
absolutely phenomenal from beginning to the end they did a
fantastic job Grizelda our hosts if you were watching this thank you so much
girlfriend you were awesome now the food was still quite good it’s just a little
bit hit or miss not everything was great and we’ve been at the bakken al and that
was a great great buffet really the best we’ve been out here in Vegas and we’d
heard that the wind was actually better than a bacchanal zoom and then pretty
psyched to try it out yeah and it’s just it was no comparison let’s let’s be
quite honest but I will say this the bacchanal is twice the price so you know
at the same time you’re getting value at the bacchanal and I still think you’re
getting value at the wind for its price but if you’re comparing the two it just
doesn’t compare definitely give it a shot if you are in Vegas and if you’ve
made it this far thank you so much and if you haven’t already please be sure to
hit that subscribe button and that notification bells that you get up every
time you post something new and exciting thanks again world travelers and we look
forward to seeing you on the road

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