1. K. O.

    I will eat this entire bunch of grapes
    and then I'll probably have a pickle

    oh you meant an actual pickle 😂
    I thought you meant a stomach ache/ vomit.

  2. Rachel Frumkin

    Last video she was 6 months pregnant and that was like 2 months ago. So Hannah is like almost due right. If I recall she said around end of year she was due.

  3. FlowerGirl 18

    If u have seen the video of people love babies video….she’s the woman who was crying and wanting a baby..and now she is having a baby😁

  4. Maria Fuentes

    Im a weird one I fantasise about some items as soon as I try them they don’t taste as good as in my memory! Also like starting to eat less and maybe one day I munch a lot!

  5. Orijinal Geisha AsMaine

    OMGoosh! I didn’t know you were pregnant!🤰🏻 I’m so happy! 🥰 I hope it’s a girl, but it doesn’t matter, healthy baby 👶, healthy mommy! Prays for you both, and the whole family! 😍

  6. megan warrick

    I’m due in 9 days and haven’t craved anything weird or in particular 😅 little bit annoyed I was looking forward to all the weird cravings 😂

  7. Dylan Khieu

    Video Ideas!!(P.s I will run out of ideas sooo comment so I can add it to this :P)
    I let my kids design our nursery room(aka the room for the baby or something)

  8. Vic

    Loool we eat Saag paneer in Nepalese culture too (and I’m guessing India?) it’s basically just a specific type of spinach (saag) and tofu (paneer)

  9. MadMaxxxi

    I just skip my prenatal because I can’t take it. I’ve tried taking it in the morning with breakfast and I puke, afternoon with lunch puke, evening with dinner puke, directly before bed and I wake up a few moments later just to puke. I don’t know why they make me so nauseas. So I just take a few of the essential vitamins without the medicine bomb prenatal and it seems to kinda work better.

  10. Poppy Wonders

    Psst,,,,it’s Skyr not Icelandic yogurt,,,,v different things,,,,,also stir the Skyr with cream and sugar and blueberries for a traditional Icelandic dessert :)) (from an Icelander)


    I don't think you should have stuff with artificial flavoring in it…might harm the child. Not saying you need to eat full healthy meals. But you could boil some raw pho rice noodles with salt. And have some freshly squeezed juice ^^. Packaged stuff…you never know when it was produced…I never trust the manufacturing date…could be fake. On normal days its fine…but pregnancy…we should be more careful ^^

  12. Emily Christine

    hey! Frozen Garden Smoothies actually sells a smoothie really similar to the one you made and THEYRE REALLY GOOD! it’s so much easier too than having to prep everything yourself.

  13. The Cats' Friend

    Did anyone notice that she hasn't showed her bump like most youtubers do like it is something to be braging with?
    I love her because she is special😍😍😍

  14. Arunika Ghoshal

    Hey Hannah, when you'd vlogged about your miscarriage I was so sad and it feels so good to see you with Junior Hannah all comfy in your tummy . God bless ❤❤❤

  15. Emily Jarvis

    It's weird, but in England you expect your tea to come with milk as we all drink tea with milk. Only things we really don't drink with milk is flavored tea so anytime that isn't normal tea

  16. Diana Backman

    My coworkers #1 pregnancy craving is Tostilocos and we found the ONE place in town that makes them and get it delivered to our office at least once a month…that's how my obsession with hot cheeto corn began.

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